West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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The doctor called about my test results and it isn't good news. My back is in worse shape than I thought.


This is our worst nightmare and it's actually happening.


Noah: The doctor said if I don't get surgery I won't be able to dance again.
Amanda: And if you do get the surgery?
Noah: I still may never be able to dance again.

Noah: I have this cyst in my spinal cord and it needs to be drained right away.
Riley: How did it start?
Noah: I don't know. It could have been from some injury or I could have been born with it and just grew along with it.

You know what Riley? I'm a good dancer.


Alfie: You have to promise not to tell anyone.
Henry: I'm like the Fort Knox of secrets.
Alfie: I like a girl.
Henry: Tell me more, tell me more.
Alfie: Who has a boyfriend.
Henry: Stop right there. There's nothing good that can come from this.

Henry: I get it. The heart is a complicated muscle.
Alfie: So you're saying it's okay for me to have these feelings.
Henry: Love is never wrong, it's only ever right. But sometimes it's not right to act on it. When a girl has a boyfriend, that's one of those times.

Piper's looking pretty confident. But let's see if she remembers her lesson. Mind games 101: never let your guard down.


Noah, you're strong. You're gonna get through this.


I'm here to make sure that Piper is ready for the qualifier. Play time is over, Piper.


Listen, Piper. I'm a senior dancer. I have been to Nationals twice and Internationals once. Alfie deserves to dance with me.

Michelle , to Piper

Michelle struts in here and tries to steal Alfie from me? No, I don't think so, sister.


Michelle, no, I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to scare me off. You think I'll run away with my tail between my legs. Well guess what, Michelle... it's not gonna work this time. We've already started our duet and you're not just gonna waltz in here and take it away from us.

Piper , to Michelle

Henry: Thank you for coming. I am here on the behalf of a mystery third party.
Sloane: You mean LaTroy?
Henry: It could be anyone. So I will not respond to that.
Amy: It's LaTroy though, right?
Henry: Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Now, my employer came up with this great idea that you two should audition for the duet spot together. Your styles would make the sickest mashup ever. And that's coming from me, not my mystery man. I mean, person.


Alfie: Plus, I have a great duet partner: Piper.
Riley: Yeah, no, you two have great chemistry.
Alfie: Yeah, chemistry's important.

Yo, this is James. I'm not here, but don't even worry about it.

James' voicemail message

Riley: Good luck, Noah. Not that you'll need it.
Richelle: You got this. Don't worry about it.
Skylar: You'll be trying to out-flip me in no time.

Noah: Did you know that cedar shingles are more eco-friendly than the regular ones?
Amanda: I didn't, but that's fascinating. Uh, in here it says that if you add a little bit of paprika to your egg salad then you can brighten the colour without changing the flavour.
Noah: I'll keep that in mind for my next dinner party.

Noah: Would you be alright if I kissed you?
Amanda: Yes. I would. A lot.

Amanda: What are you doing?
Noah: I'm trying to kiss you.
Amanda: You know kissing involves lip touching, right? Noah, just do it. Kiss me. Do it.
Noah: Um, I just keep thinking about my surgery and I believe our first kiss deserves my full attention.
Amanda: I'll take 20% attention.
Noah: Yeah, I got like 8 percent, maybe 9 max.
Amanda: That's what I meant to say. 8 or 9 percent. Just kiss me.
Noah: Can I just wait 'til after my surgery?
Amanda: 'Kay, I'll give you a rain check and we'll kiss after the surgery. But just know that you started this.
Noah: Okay, okay. And I shall finish it.

Noah's lucky he's injured. And cute.


Stranger: You alright? Everything okay?
James: Yeah, I'm good.
Stranger: You sure you're okay? You're too cute to have issues.
James: I'm good. I'm just missing a girl back home.
Stranger: Well, I think everything's going to be okay. Keep cheerful.

Every fibre of my being is telling me to leave... except my heart.


I can't believe Riley and Alfie are kissing. How could she do this to James?