Heather has a few significant relationships.


Heather's older brother

The extent of Heather's relationship with her older brother is unknown, but he is attending his fourth year of university and does not regularly live at home.[1]

Heather's parents

The extent of Heather's relationship with her parents is unknown, but she quit dance because they could no longer afford to pay for it due to her big family.[2]



Heather is very understanding of Henry struggling to get over breaking up with his girlfriend and willingly listens to Henry confide in her. Heather grows closer to Henry, to the point that Noah even believes that she is dating Henry.[3]

When Henry attempts to drop out of the dance-a-thon less than a minute before it is to end after seeing Jacquie and Noah together, Heather is incredibly sympathetic, but pulls him back onto the dance floor before he can forfeit and dances with him for the final few minutes, wanting him to win.[4]


Due to them being on rival troupes, Heather and Josh do not interact much until TNS East and TNS West are attempting to merge. Despite hardly knowing Josh, Heather generously offers Josh the use of her older brother's room, thus offering him an opportunity to stay at The Next Step when his family moves up North due to Adam having made it onto the Springfield Coyotes.[1]


Heather and Lola are not close, due to them previously having been on rival troupes. However, Lola deems Heather the most "level-headed person" on A-Troupe, which results in Lola confiding in Heather about Richelle's injury without revealing Richelle's name. Heather implores Lola to do the right thing, which is to tell Michelle and Emily. Although Lola does not agree or disagree to do as Heather says, Heather nonetheless runs off to tell Michelle, erroneously believing that Lola is injured. Although Lola is effectively removed from all dances, including the Regionals qualifier video and Michelle tells her that Heather was the one to inform her that Lola was injured, Lola does not get angry at Heather; instead, she gets angry at Richelle who refuses to confess that she is actually the injured one.[5]


Heather first encounters Piper when she claims she recognizes her from Regionals, and subsequently lies that she is not a dancer.[6]

Heather is embarrassed when Piper encounters her dancing and continues to lie to Piper about her dance experience. She eventually decides to dance in front of Piper and confides in her that dance is too expensive for her.[2]

Heather is mortified at the news that Piper told the members of TNS West about her money issues and becomes angry with her. Although, she comes to understand Piper's intent in doing so and agrees to replace her in the dance-a-thon, eventually deciding to follow Piper's adamant requests to join TNS West.[4]


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