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"Mmm—that's broccoli."

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I've decided to do the task that scares me the most.

James, to Riley

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"Hello Trouble" is the 21st episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 51st episode overall. It aired on October 3, 2014.


Thalia, Giselle, and Amanda represent The Next Step at a trio competition.


Giselle, Thalia, Amanda, Josh, Richelle, Becca, and Kate arrive at the trio competition, marvelling at the venue. Lucien arrives soon after with his Elite trio and addresses The Next Step dancers with a fake French accent, irritating Kate.

Hello trouble

Emily cleans the mirrors in Studio A while James and Riley converse in the background.

Emily is cleaning the mirrors in Studio A and conversing with Riley. James enters, pulls Riley aside, and tells her he wishes to complete #10 on her list: get to know Emily. Riley tells him he has to find out one thing about Emily that she doesn't know, which he thinks will be easy. Riley leaves and James awkwardly assists Emily with cleaning.

Thalia and Giselle are in the audience watching the trio competition. As the J-Troupe trio is about to perform, Michelle arrives, pleasantly surprising Thalia and Giselle. The premise of J-Troupe's performance is that Josh is a magician, Richelle is the assistant, and Becca is an audience member.

Back at the studio, James is still struggling to talk to Emily. She confesses that she knows that he is hanging out with her as part of the list. James asks Emily what her favourite movie is; it happens to be Pride and Prejudice, but unfortunately, Riley already knows that. As James continues to interrogate her, he comes to realize that Riley knows a lot about Emily and that the task will not be easy.

Amanda season 2 4

Amanda spots Michelle in the audience.

While J-Troupe's performance comes to a close, Lucien tells Amanda to throw the trio, quit the team, and come back to Elite because The Next Step will only have 9 dancers if she does so. Amanda agrees, but notices Michelle in the audience and grows concerned.

James is still struggling to complete task #10 and says as much to Riley. Meanwhile, a team called Life of Dance performs at the trio competition. In Talking Heads, Amanda reveals that their nickname is "Ladies of Destruction" and that they've won Nationals twice in a row. As they dance, Giselle and Thalia realize that they will be their main competition.

James catches up with Emily and asks her why she doesn't like him. She says that she doesn't not like him, but that she loves Riley and she comes first. James tells her that he also loves Riley, somewhat appalling Emily because of what he did to her. Just then, the costumes for Nationals arrive amidst Emily confessing that she is making the task hard for James because she wants to see him work for Riley. Meanwhile, Elite is performing their trio. Kate encounters Lucien cheering them on in his regular accent, although it is short-lived because as soon as he notices her, he turns on his fake French accent which deeply annoys Kate. Back at the studio, after placing the costumes in the Costume Closet, James complains to Emily that she is making the task impossible. She claims that he doesn't know Riley then, and tells him that Riley once made their whole family turn vegan, but that she was found eating a bacon cheeseburger in bed at 2:00 a.m. James then tells her about one time when he took Riley to a restaurant and how she returned her meal three times: once because it was too salty, twice because it wasn't salty enough, and thrice because she no longer wanted it after eating most of James's food. Emily tells James to sit and she tells him about the funniest Riley story she knows. Elite finishes their performance and Michelle, Thalia, and Giselle approach Amanda. Michelle wishes them good luck and Amanda decides that it would be a bad idea to throw the dance because if Michelle is there to support them, she probably wants to rejoin the team. Upon seeing Michelle, Lucien also gives her a sign, telling her not to throw the dance.

Michelle kate season 2 2

Michelle and Kate watch the performance.

Giselle, Thalia, and Amanda perform their trio. In the Costume Closet, Emily tells James that when she got a Best Dancer ribbon for winning her first solo competition, Riley threw a tantrum because she didn't get a ribbon too, and Emily gave her the ribbon to appease her. The thing is, Riley believes it is her ribbon and has it framed in her room. James finds this particularly funny because she had told him that the aforementioned ribbon is why she began dancing.

J-Troupe places seventh in the trio competition, Elite places third, The Next Step places second, and LOD comes in first place.

Riley enters the Costume Closet to see James and Emily actually enjoying themselves. Emily and James admit to her that they consider each other friends now and that James knows a secret about her that he isn't allowed to tell. Riley is left in wonder as the two head off to get juice.


  • J-Troupe has a jacket in the same design as the A-Troupe uniform.
  • Emily's favourite movie is Pride and Prejudice.
  • Life of Dance are the reigning National champions. They are currently on a two-year winning streak.
  • Riley got into dancing after she received a Best Dancer ribbon, which she believes she won at a young age; in reality, Emily won the award at a competition, and gave it to Riley after she had a tantrum about not being given her own ribbon.
  • James has completed task #10 on Riley's list, which is to get to know Emily.



  • It is proclaimed that all dancers at the trio competition must wear the same outfits, but Josh is wearing different clothes from all of the other dancers in the competition.
  • It is proclaimed that none of the dancers can use props, but Josh uses a bouquet of flowers, Life of Dance uses three boxes and Elite uses three chairs.
  • James seems eager about having grape raspberry juice, which blatantly contradicts his statement that he hates grape juice from "Time to Move On".

Production Errors

  • Allain Lupien and Jamie O'Leary are not credited, despite appearing in this episode.
  • Regan Reynolds appears twice in the cast list, presumably by error.

Cultural references

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Buck Owens.





  • Nicci Diskyy as the competition host


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