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"Help" (called "Help!" in British broadcasting) is the 16th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 16th episode overall. It aired on September 27, 2013.


Michelle decides to change the line positions. Emily grows closer to Eldon.


Emily season 1 h

Emily tells Michelle that she doesn't recall putting any input so that she must, therefore, not be a part of the team.

Michelle is leading A-Troupe in a rehearsal of their Regionals routine. After the first rehearsal of the routine, Chloe approaches Michelle and tells her that she needs to leave for a shift at work and Michelle lets her go. Stephanie, unaware of the reason Chloe is leaving, confesses that it goes to show how irresponsible Michelle is as a dance captain. The dancers resume rehearsal and, this time around, Emily refuses to dance at all. Frustrated with Emily's behaviour, Michelle orders the dancers to pause and confronts Emily about not putting any effort into the routine. Emily claims that the moves are ridiculous and confesses that they aren't sufficient for their calibre of dance. Michelle tells Emily that the moves were created as a team—with Eldon even coming to Michelle's defense—but Emily claims that that isn't the truth, as she didn't give any input. After asserting that she, thus, isn't a part of the team, she prepares to storm out of the studio, only to be called into Kate's office.

Kate tries to comfort Emily about losing her captaincy. Emily asks Kate why she let the dancers vote for a new dance captain, but Kate tells her that even though she isn't dance captain that she still needs to contribute to the team. As consolation, Kate admits to Emily that, when she was a dancer, she lost her captaincy and position in a dance line-up before a big competition due to an injury. Upon Emily's rebuke, Kate urges her to focus on what the team needs. Emily confesses that she wonders if she even belongs on A-Troupe anymore.

Michelle eldon season 1

Michelle commends Eldon.

After class, Michelle commends Eldon on his dancing during rehearsal and thanks him for defending her. After Eldon thanks her and departs, Riley commends Michelle on how she did as Dance Captain. She asks Michelle if she wants juice and Michelle concurs, but tells Riley that she will meet her there.

James is studying in Squeezed when he is joined by Daniel. James notices Daniel holding his ankle and Daniel admits that he thinks he tweaked his ankle, but assures James that it will probably be fine. James confesses that, from the way that Daniel was wincing, he thinks that Daniel might be injured.

Emily is alone in Studio B in order to process what has happened. Eldon spots Emily in the studio and sits with her. Eldon apologizes to her about the dance captain scenario as well as for taking Michelle's side over hers, but Emily admits that she knows he was in the right. Eldon asks Emily what is wrong and Emily finally admits that she doesn't know how to do the moves in Michelle's dance. She goes on to admit that she knows her own choreography isn't good, but that those are the only moves that she can do, which is why she never takes others' ideas into consideration. Eldon promises to help her with the moves until she knows how to do them. Thankful for his belief in her, Emily hugs Eldon, which Michelle witnesses as she walks by.

Kate michelle season 1 h

Michelle asks Kate about switching up the line placements in the routine.

In Kate's office, Giselle makes suggestions to Chris about improving B-Troupe amidst the confession that it is hard to dance with people who aren't at her level. While they are conversing, Michelle knocks on the office door to speak to Kate (who is reading files in the back of the office). Chris and Giselle leave to speak to the B-Troupers as Michelle enters the office. Michelle asks Kate if she can switch the positions of the dancers in the routine which Kate is open to.

In Studio B, Eldon attempts to help Emily learn Michelle's routine. Although it proves to be tough, Emily admits that she is driven to succeed. Eldon confesses that it is easy to work with Emily, while Emily confesses that Eldon is funny, smart, and kinda cute. Emily finally gets the routine down, and she and Eldon hug in celebration.

Michelle tells A-Troupe that she needs them all to re-audition for their line placements, which Stephanie finds ridiculous. She is about to leave when Michelle catches her, but Stephanie claims that it shouldn't matter if she is leaving since Michelle lets Chloe leave all of the time. Chloe is left embarrassed and offended, as the reason that she leaves is valid. Michelle also feels disrespected at Stephanie's sudden departure.

Tiffany season 1 h

Tiffany auditions for her spot in the line-up.

The A-Troupe members re-audition for their line placements. Emily's audition is particularly impressive to her peers as, just the day before, Emily was moping about no longer being dance captain. Michelle commends the dancers and tells them that she will make her decision.

Michelle, Kate, and Chris finally come to a decision on the line placements. Kate confesses that weaker dancers are generally in the back, while the shining stars are in the front. The three enter Studio A and reveal the line-ups: Michelle, Daniel, and Eldon are in the front row, Chloe, Riley, Tiffany, and James are in the second row, and West, Stephanie, and Emily are in the back row. West is disappointed, although he sees it as a push to work that much harder. Emily is also disappointed, believing that she did better than being in the back row. Eldon is upset that Emily is in the back row, having seen how hard she worked. Daniel, Riley, Chloe and Tiffany confess that they are content with their positions. Michelle confesses that, with these placements, she is confident that they will win Regionals.


  • Kate was once dance captain, but lost the position due to an injury.
  • Emily over pronounces her words when she is lying.
  • This is the first episode where Giselle speaks in Talking Heads since "Good Girls Go Bad."

Production errors

  • When Eldon offers to help Emily, she is wearing a red shirt. In the next scene, her shirt is blue.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by The Beatles.



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