West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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When I see Michelle letting Chloe go early, I mean, it just goes to show how irresponsible Michelle is as a Dance Captain.


Michelle: Why aren't you doing it? The least you could do is mark it, and you aren't even doing that.
Emily: I'm not marking these ridiculous moves.

Michelle: How are they ridiculous? We made them up as a team.
Eldon: Yeah, actually, I think her moves are pretty cool, Emily.
Emily: Really? You made them up as a team?
Michelle: Yes.
Emily: 'Cause I don't recall giving any input. So I guess I'm not part of this team.

Why couldn't you stick to that choice? Why did you let them vote, Miss Kate?

Emily , to Kate

I know that you've worked hard for so long, but everybody needs you to contribute and to be a part of the team and to guide them.

Kate, to Emily

Kate: I injured myself really badly before a big competition. Lost my spot in the line, lost my captaincy. Everything I had known just pulled out from under my feet.
Emily: That's a little different. The whole team didn't vote against you.

Hearing Miss Kate talk like this... it makes me wonder if I even belong on A-Troupe anymore.


Michelle: I just wanted to let you know that you did really well today.
Eldon: Oh. Thanks!
Michelle: You're awesome.

Do I look like the kinda guy who'd order tomato juice with a carrot on top?

James , to Daniel

Daniel: I find it really helped—I did the right angle triangles first with SOHCAHTOA and everything.
James: SOHCAH what?
Daniel: SOHCAHTOA? They're the trig ratios.
James: Man, I'm not on that Chinese stuff.

Emily, I embarrass myself constantly. Everything I do is embarrassing. I tied your shoe in front of the class, I walked in with posters and a big stupid poem that turned out just like a joke. You think I'm just a joke. Everyone does.

Eldon , to Emily

Emily: I can't do her dance.
Eldon What do you mean?
Emily: I can't do the moves. I don't know how.

Do you ever wonder why I choreograph my dances the way I do? Look, I know they're not good, but, those are the only moves I can do.

Emily, to Eldon

I'm hugging Eldon because... because it just feels right.


It's just hard to be with dancers who aren't at the same level. I need to get out of B-Troupe.


Chris doesn't think B-Troupe's ready for the Helicopter Lift... he's probably right.


Emily: My hands don't move like that.
Eldon: Everyone's hands move like that.

He's funny, and he's smart, and he's kinda cute.


Whether me and you audition or not, we're gonna be in the back row. I'm just not gonna waste my time.

Stephanie , to Emily

Michelle: Wait, where are you going? Class just started.
Stephanie: I have something to do.
Michelle: So you have something better to do than take dance class?
Stephanie: Yeah.
Michelle: You can't just leave.
Stephanie: Really? Because you let Chloe leave all the time.

We're only as strong as our weakest member, so, everybody work hard no matter where you are.

Kate , to A-Troupe