Being calm is sorta my thing.

— Henry to Noah, "Heads Will Roll"

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Henry is a hip-hop and breakdancer on A-Troupe.

Henry becomes a member of A-Troupe in Season 4,[6] but fails to qualify the following season,[7] subsequently joining TNS West.[8] He later participates in the successful plan to merge TNS West with rival studio TNS East.[9]


Before the show

Henry used to work as a paper boy.[10]

Henry dated a girl named Jacquie from grade 6 to 9.[11] She allegedly broke up with him because she did not deem him a good enough dancer.[7] To deal with the heartbreak he felt after their break-up, Henry hid away and ate gummy bears.[12]

At some point, Henry mistakenly called his teacher, Mr. Peters, "mom," much to Mr. Peters' chagrin.[13]

A year before he is on A-Troupe, Henry attended a disastrous dance competition with his studio. After coming back from the washroom, Henry went on stage, believing that his crew had been called; the crew on-stage was not his and Henry horribly mimicked what the crew was doing.[14]

Season 4

Henry enters The Next Step Dance Studio looking for the open house, but instead finds Eldon lying on the floor.[12] After Eldon explains that he feels heartbroken, Henry tries to console him by telling him about the heartbreak he felt after he and his girlfriend, Jacquie, broke up.[12]

While preparing for his A-Troupe audition, Henry assures Noah that if he is the type of person who is typically nervous, he shouldn't fight it.[10] He becomes immensely more calm after hearing Alfie perform in the Lounge.[10] He does great in his audition, and as a result makes it onto A-Troupe.[10]

Henry advises Alfie not to act on his feelings for the girl he likes, as she is in a relationship.[15] When he is told by Alfie that his advice was dismissed, Henry deduces who the girl is.[16]

Season 5

Henry is happy for Noah when he discovers he has found a new crush after his break-up with Amanda, but is devastated when he discovers that his crush is Jacquie. Henry forbids Noah from hanging out with her.[7]

Henry does not make it onto A-Troupe and, although he is upset, he is happy because he won't have to dance with Jacquie, who does make it onto the troupe. Henry jumps at the opportunity to join TNS West.[8]

Henry soon realizes that Noah has been lying to him about his relationship with Jacquie. Disappointed that Noah would betray his trust, he assures Noah that they are no longer friends.[17]

After being confronted by Jacquie, Henry takes part in Kingston and Ozzy's plan to get over her. When Ozzy attempts to flirt with Heather in order to show Henry how to pick up girls, Henry steps in and apologizes. Henry ends up telling Heather everything about him and Jacquie, and feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders.[18] After being confronted by Noah, Henry realizes that he needs to get over Jacquie. He apologizes to both Jacquie and Noah and resumes his friendship with both.[19]

Henry is disappointed when TNS West loses the dance battle to TNS East[20] and is shocked when the entire studio is banned from competing at Regionals.[21] Henry comes to join the newly merged A-Troupe, which is granted the opportunity to compete at Regionals.[22] Henry is ecstatic when the team's qualifier video is chosen and allows them to qualify for Regionals.[23]

The Off Season: Season 2

Henry auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about 'confidence'.[24]

Season 6

Henry, like most of the other previous A-Troupers, is scoffed at by Miss Angela.[25] He is one of the many dancers to go against and overthrow Miss Angela.[26] 

When Michelle and Emily become reinstated as co-studio heads, Henry is placed in front row, on the right side, which he is happy about.[27]

When Kingston sends LaTroy a message to help the boys, Henry is one of the four who dance with LaTroy. After finishing his performance, Michelle and Emily place him to be featured in the Absolute Dance WildStylz Convention opening number, alongside Richelle, Jacquie, Summer and Kingston.[28]

Henry is not surprised he is paired with Amy for a duet audition to be Leon Blackwood's assistants, as he feels they get on extremely well, but their plans go astray when Henry reveals to Amy he needs to return a tuxedo. Amy asks Henry who got married, but Henry replies that it wasn't for a wedding, it was for his prom, which he missed due to the filming of the Regionals qualifier video, resulting Amy planning to throw a prom at The Next Step for Henry.[29] Henry's initial plan for promposing to Amy is changed, due to Noah's elaborate promposal to Jacquie. But when he asks Amy out with a massive promposal that he spent all day working on, Amy rejects him because she had already accepted Ty, since she had believed that Henry wasn't going to invite her to prom; Henry is devastated.[30]

Henry attends prom with Summer, as per her invitation, and they are crowned Prom King and Queen. Despite this, he would rather be attending prom with Amy.[31] When Amy leaves The Next Step to join AcroNation,[32] Henry is disappointed, but understands because it is where she has her best chance to shine.[33] However, when Henry finally masters the courage to ask Amy out, he is devastated to find her kissing Ty in Studio 1. They consequently fight about it and decide that they cannot start something after all the drama surrounding their relationship. Frustrated, Henry dances out his feelings in Studio A, where he is observed by Summer, who asks him if he wants to hang out, thus starting his closer friendship with her.[34]

After the debacle of lack of communication with Amy, Henry decides to define his relationship with Summer so that no misunderstandings will occur. He and Summer make a bet based on their being selected for the hip-hop routine for Regionals; both get selected and subsequently go on two dates.[35]

Henry's relationship with Summer proceeds to go swimmingly and they have their first kiss in the Studio 1 office whilst on a mock drive-in date that Henry sets up after their date at the actual drive-in has to be cancelled due to rehearsal.[36] However, they have their first fight when Summer realizes that he dated Jacquie for three years, was hung up on her for two and did not tell her that he was on the same team as her; and had previous relationship history with Amy. After Henry apologizes and promises to be honest with her from now on, they reconcile their relationship and are both excited for Regionals.[37]

At Regionals, Henry is beyond excited to perform. He performs excellently in the hip-hop routine and helps The Next Step get 90 points for the routine. When he meets Amy again, things are a little awkward between them, but Henry shows no hint of lingering romantic feelings for her, although he does compliment her on her dancing and the latter congratulates him, somewhat awkwardly, on his relationship with Summer.[38]

Henry performs well in the finals routine for Regionals and is disappointed when they lose to Encore.[39] He, like the rest of A-Troupe, is saddened that Noah is leaving the team and he starts the goodbye singing of "Wish You Well" to Noah. He performs well in the tiebreaker routine and, like the rest of A-Troupe, is thrilled to win Regionals and qualify for Nationals.[40]

The Off Season: Season 3

Henry welcomes Amy back to A-Troupe and reconciles his friendship with her, unknowing that Summer is wary about her return due to his and Amy's previous relationship history.[41] Henry meets Ozzy's younger sister, Izzy, whom he already knows and introduces her to Finn.[42] Henry dances in Studio A alongside the rest of A-Troupe and is excited about Nationals.[43]

Season 7

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Henry is characterized by his calmness, as well as his ability to provide great advice.

Henry is also initially characterized by his heartbreak, as a result to his ex-girlfriend Jacquie having broken up with him. This heartbreak takes over his sound judgment for a while, causing him to forbid Noah from dating her, ruining his friendship. Although, Henry eventually realizes that he needs to move on, and resolves this issue. Despite him taking over two years to get over Jacquie, as Henry gets older, it becomes easier for him to get over girls whom he has had feelings for, befriending both Amy[44] and Summer[45] shortly after their attempts at romantic relationships fail.

Henry is well-known for talking a lot about the girl whom he has feelings for as shown by him talking non-stop about first Jacquie, and then Amy, something that Kingston and Ozzy complain a lot about. He is even known as the biggest romantic on A-Troupe.[46]

Additionally, Henry is well-known for his big romantic grand gestures. While said gestures do not always the intended outcome, they are nonetheless always recognized for their elaborate planning and care, as shown when Henry promposes to Amy[30], prepares a drive-in date for Summer,[36] and plans Finn's entire camping date with Amy, most notably not claiming any of the credit and pretending that it was Finn's idea all along.[47] This last gesture in particular shows that as Henry gets older, he becomes much more accepting of his friends dating his exes or crushes, especially if it makes them happy.

Physical appearance


Henry has dark skin and brown eyes. He has long wavy braids that are stylized in shades of blond and black.


Henry's attire is simple and comfortable, albeit stylish when need be. Henry usually wears t-shirts and sweatpants in plain colours, except for the odd outfit in which he wears a variety of colours.



  • Acro: Henry is proficient in acro.
  • Ballet: Ballet is not one of Henry's best styles. Richelle describes him as not being able to do ballet at all and while this was a deliberately harsh critique in front of Lily to get on her good side, all of Richelle's critiques had some truth behind them.[9]
  • Breakdance: Breakdance is one of Henry's dominant styles and he has referred to himself as a b-boy.[11] He is very proficient in the style.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is not one of Henry's best styles. He struggles to learn contemporary choreography for one of the Nationals small group routines, so much so that Nick considers replacing him with Heath.[48]
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is another of Henry's dominant styles, though Henry performs more breakdance.



  • Archery: Henry is not good at archery and does not really enjoy it.[46]
  • Music: Henry has claimed to do a lot of music.[46]
  • Pottery: Henry takes pottery classes.[3]


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Season 4

The Off Season: Season 1

Season 5

The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6

The Off Season: Season 3

Season 7


Group dances

Group dances


Group dances

Group dances

Group dances


  • Henry is training to be private eye in case his dance career does not take off.[16]
  • Henry's locker in the locker room is initially number 11,[49] but after Lily joins the studio, she gets number 11,[48] and Henry gets number 10.[45]
  • Henry takes pottery classes.[3]


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  1. In "One More Time", Henry reveals that he dated Jacquie from grade 6 to grade 9, meaning that he is at least 15 in Season 4. In "A New Regime", Henry subsequently reveals that it has been two years since their break-up, meaning that he (and Jacquie) are at least 16 in Season 5, if they broke up at the beginning of grade 9. In "Jacquie's Audition", it is revealed that Davis (Jacquie's sister) is older than Jacquie, but seeing as Davis becomes Amy's replacement on A-Troupe in "Sweet and Salty", Davis is at maximum 17 because she, unlike Noah, can compete in the Intermediate Advanced age division at Regionals. Since Jacquie has to be at least 16 in Season 5 and Henry and Jacquie are the same age, Henry is 16. This is supported by Henry driving in "Mash-Up Match-Up", since the minimum driving age in Toronto is 16.


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