Alright, the emotion I would like you to dance is "confidence".

Stacy Carpenter to Henry

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"Henry's Audition" is the 6th episode of The Off Season: Season 2.


"After leaving romantic rivalries in the past, Henry has confidence. But will it be enough for his freestyle dance solo to win the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship?"[1]


As Henry is beginning his audition, a dancer asks Noah if he has noticed that Jacquie and another dancer look very similar, and Noah reveals that they are sisters. Meanwhile, Stacy Carpenter asks Henry to show her the emotion "confidence" through dance, and he performs a solo to "All We Need". Henry is asked to tell the story of his dance, and he says that he feels he has been through a lot, but that he has ended up dancing at a great studio with his best friends, and he feels like he can take on the world. As Henry's audition ends, Jacquie confesses that she is next, and that she doesn't care if she is competing against her boyfriend or her sister - she is determined to win.


  • This episode was released as "Henry the WORLD CONQUERER?" on The Next Step's YouTube channel.
  • Jacquie has a sister, who is also a dancer.





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