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"Here Comes Your Man" is the 23rd episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 117th episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2016.


"Amanda's cousin Cooper shows up to visit and notices the tension between Riley and Piper."[1]


Eldon paces before West in his hotel room, worrying aloud about James's departure. West confesses that, although Eldon has to fill in for James in the two v. two challenge of Bangers & Mashups last minute, he knows that Eldon can pull through so long as he stays calm. West urges Eldon to relax, which actually calms Eldon, and the two begin to freestyle in celebration. As West dances, Eldon receives a text from Thalia which states that she is coming to see him.

Richelle cooper season 4 hcym

Cooper assures Amanda that Richelle can show him around.

Amanda writes a note to Riley in her office to notify her that she is missing rehearsal, as Noah is getting out of surgery. As she writes, Richelle enters the office with Amanda's English cousin, Cooper who has allegedly been obsessed with The Next Step ever since he watched them perform at Internationals. Amanda tries to convince Cooper to go home, but Cooper tells her that his parents are at Niagara Falls. Amanda insists that Cooper's presence is not a good idea until Richelle agrees to show him around.

West and Eldon sit in their hotel room, with Eldon chomping on chocolate. Eldon receives a phone call from James and, despite West's warning to act natural as to not worry him, fails to act inconspicuous. West eventually snatches the phone from Eldon and ends the call as promptly as he can. West confiscates Eldon's chocolate and urges him to get his head in the game, although Eldon's mind is blank in regards to what to say when he sees Thalia. West confesses that if Eldon can't pull himself together, they might as well forfeit.

Amanda noah season 4 hcym 3

Amanda holds Noah's hand.

Amanda holds Noah's hand as he sleeps in his hospital room after getting out of surgery. When Noah awakens, Amanda feeds Noah water from a sippy cup. Noah confesses that he doesn't want Amanda to see him at his weakest.

As Richelle and Cooper take a seat in Java Junction, Cooper asks why the store is constantly renamed. Richelle reveals that the owner is absolutely crazy (causing the owner, who is walking by, to shoot her a look) and changes the name every time she returns from vacation; after going to Orange County she landed on Squeezed, after living in Tokyo for a month she renamed it Culture Shock, after going horseback riding in Spain she renamed it Hidalgo's, and after returning from Colombia she renamed it Java Junction. Richelle also claims that the owner is supposed to go to space the next year. Cooper notices Riley as she enters Java Junction and is immediately starstruck. Richelle beckons Riley over despite Cooper's wishes. Richelle tells Riley that she has to go to the hospital to visit Noah, and asks Riley to show Cooper around. Richelle leaves and Riley takes her seat. Riley asks Cooper what he'd like to see; Cooper wishes to see James, but Riley tells him that he is overseas, causing Cooper to tell Riley that she must miss him a lot, as he misses him and he doesn't even know him. Riley leads Cooper out of the store to commence the tour. Meanwhile, Amanda continues to feed Noah, despite his wishes. Noah persuades Amanda to leave and get him fast food to get her off of his back.

Thalia season 4 hycm

Thalia greets Eldon and West.

A knock is heard at the door and, soon after, Thalia enters the hotel room. Eldon begins to act awkwardly as West greets Thalia. West promptly leaves to allow Thalia and Eldon some alone time. Thalia greets Eldon, but he merely offers her a handshake. Eldon confesses that Thalia is a thousand times more beautiful than he remembered.

Since Amanda is gone, Noah attempts to go to the washroom alone with some dignity. As Noah makes his way to the washroom, the patient sharing his room who is doing a crossword asks for a seven letter word that means too much water. Noah promptly replies that it is "urinate." Suddenly, Noah hears Amanda arguing with a nurse about the food that she has, causing Noah to retreat back to his bed. He ends up upside-down on his bed, as Amanda enters the room. Amanda is immediately worried and helps Noah lie right side up. Noah tells Amanda that he doesn't need any more of her help and that she is just smothering him. Amanda apologizes and tells Noah that she will be in the waiting room if he changes his mind, although Noah tells her that he won't because smothering is smothering. Amanda retreats to the waiting room dejectedly. The neighbouring patient asks Noah what a five letter word for foolish is. Noah suggests "idiot," which fits perfectly into the crossword. Noah realizes that in his quest to look strong for Amanda, he ended up being a jerk.

Piper alfie season 4 hcym 2

Piper sarcastically claims that she couldn't possibly guess why Alfie's distracted.

Piper and Alfie rehearse their duet in the Rehearsal Room. Alfie fumbles while lifting Piper and Piper tells him that he must be distracted, but that she couldn't possibly guess why. Alfie tells Piper that they should focus on dancing and Piper assures him that she always is. Alfie confesses that his patience is wearing thin with Piper. Riley enters the room with Cooper and introduces him to Alfie and Piper. Cooper shakes Piper's hand and is ecstatic when he realizes that, by shaking James's sister's hand, he has technically shaken James's hand. Riley assures Cooper that her hands have touched James too, causing Piper to ask Riley who else her hands have touched. Piper tells Cooper that he has to meet Alfie as everyone loves him, which she asks Riley for confirmation on. Cooper tells Piper that she must miss James. Piper tells him that she calls him all of the time to talk to him about important things, then asks Riley if she has an important thing to tell James. Henry enters the room, then, and Riley hands Cooper off to him. Riley briskly leaves, with Piper reminding her to call James.

Thalia eldon season 4 hcym 4

Thalia tells Eldon that she loves him.

Thalia asks Eldon how he has been, and Eldon lies that he has been dating tons of girls ever since she left him for Bartek. Thalia assures Eldon that she didn't leave him for Bartek and only went to Poland to dance and reconnect with her family. Eldon tells Thalia that he hasn't actually dated anyone, but that when she left it broke his heart. Thalia apologizes, as breaking his heart was not her intent. Eldon tells Thalia that he was trying to get over her and Thalia tells him that she hopes he's not over her, as she isn't over him. She then proceeds to tell Eldon that she loves him. Eldon faints a total of three times upon hearing the proclamation.

Richelle approaches Amanda in the waiting room and asks her what room Noah is in. Amanda tells her that he doesn't want visitors at the moment. Richelle sits beside Amanda and asks if something went wrong with the surgery. Amanda assures Richelle that the surgery was fine, but that Noah told her that he doesn't want her to be there while he is recovering. Richelle tells Amanda that she went through a similar situation; when she got her tonsils removed she didn't want any of her friends to visit because she looked like a chipmunk. Richelle assures Amanda that Noah is probably going through the same thing because he has always been a proud person. Upon hearing this, Amanda concocts an idea.

Eldon season 4 hcym 4

Eldon tells Thalia that he loves her too.

Thalia attempts to awaken Eldon, who has been asleep for forty minutes, to no avail. West arrives and pours water on Eldon's face, which causes him to wake up three seconds later. Eldon tells Thalia that he loves her too. Thalia kisses Eldon and the two embrace. Thalia confesses that she is never going to let anything come between them again.

Henry and Cooper stand in Studio A. Henry permits Cooper to dance, much to his excitement. Cooper performs a solo to "Oxygen" which impresses Henry and Riley, who watches from her office. Cooper hugs Riley after she commends him. Henry also compliments Cooper, then leaves the studio. Cooper tells Riley that he noticed something weird between her and Piper, but Riley tells him that it is personal. Cooper realizes that it must be about James and advises her to talk to James about the issue. Cooper hugs Riley and leaves, as his ride has arrived.

Amanda noah season 4 hcym 8

Amanda assures Noah that he will always be a warrior to her no matter what.

Amanda enters Noah's hospital room with balloons, wearing glasses and pyjamas. Noah apologizes to Amanda, but she assures him that she understands. Amanda tells Noah that how she looks at the moment is how she looks when she awakens, and that she does not let anyone see her like that; nonetheless, she went all the home and back in the outfit. Amanda assures Noah that he is always going to be a warrior to her no matter what. Noah asks Amanda to watch a movie with him and she agrees.

In her office, Riley picks up her cellphone and calls James. When James answers, Riley tells him that she thought he would be sleeping, although he assures her that he isn't. He beckons Riley to talk to him face-to-face, just as he enters her office. Seeing him standing before her, Riley admits that the conversation will be harder than she thought.


  • Cooper is played by Khyrese Heron, the winner of Taking The Next Step.
  • James is officially back from London.
  • Thalia and Eldon are confirmed to still be a couple.
  • For the first and only time, Amanda is seen wearing glasses. It can only be assumed she wears contact lenses most of the time, though this is never confirmed on-screen.
  • Java Junction's name changes all result from the owner's travels.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by The Pixels.






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