Noah: Be honest. You must wonder why I like you.
Amanda: And what makes you say that?
Noah: Because I wonder every minute of every day: how could you possibly like me?
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"How Deep Is Your Love" is the 19th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 113th episode overall. It aired on June 17, 2016.


"Alfie considers Noah's health problems and surprises Riley with a plan for the qualifiers. Meanwhile, Amanda and Noah open up to one another; and LaTroy makes an unexpected decision in the wake of receiving news from his dad."[1]


Riley alfie season 4 hdiyl

Alfie suggests that a back-up duet be created.

Riley is in her office when Alfie enters. Riley confesses that the last time he saw him was when he told her he wanted to be with her and that things are confusing now. Alfie tells Riley that they should have a back-up duet as a precaution for Noah's back injury and suggests teaching a routine to her so that she can pick who would be best suited for the role. Flustered, Riley agrees to the task.

Amanda is with Noah at the hospital so that he can finally get his back checked out. She confesses that being there makes Noah's injury all the more real and that she is even more worried for him. Noah asks Amanda if she knows his blood type, which confuses Amanda, but Noah explains that his mom knows his dad's blood type. Amanda remains confused, since Noah doesn't know her's. Amanda tells him that he must have written it down somewhere, so Noah comes to conclusion that his blood type is C because it is his go-to multiple choice answer, even though it doesn't exist. Amanda realizes that Noah is joking with her in an attempt to distract her. Noah confesses that he has wanted to tell Amanda something for a while and that it may be the perfect moment to do so; he tells her that he has been looking forward to telling each other what they like about each other. Amanda realizes that Noah doesn't have much experience with dating, but that his innocence is sweet nonetheless.

LaTroy Sloane season 4 episode 19

LaTroy asks Sloane where she is going as she exits the room.

LaTroy is pacing in the Rehearsal Room, having gotten some big news from his dad. Despite not wanting to talk to him, Sloane arrives upon reading LaTroy's urgent text message. LaTroy reveals that his dad wants him to live with him for a while at his new place in the country in order to renovate an old farmhouse for an unknown amount of time. Sloane is in angry disbelief and yells at LaTroy, claiming that his dad is just using him like he always does. She confesses that she is done seeing him get hurt. She prepares to leave, causing LaTroy to ask him where he is going; Sloane tells him that she is going out of his life and won't be there to pick up the pieces this time. She exits the room, leaving LaTroy to look on after her.

Alfie and Riley perform the duet in Studio A. Riley confesses that every time Alfie takes her hand or holds her in his arms, her heart stops. She deems James as the only person who has made her feel this way... until now. Alfie and Riley finish their duet with their faces inches apart. Piper enters the studio, causing Alfie and Riley to swiftly pull away from each other. Piper expresses her wish to be considered for a spot in the duet with Alfie. Alfie assures Riley that she can teach Piper the choreography and show her the routine, to which Riley hesitantly agrees. She leaves the two to rehearse, with Riley confessing that it bothers her that Alfie wants to share the dance.

In the waiting room at the hospital, Noah admits to Amanda that he has complied lists of reasons that he likes her. Noah tells her that when she was at Elite and came to The Next Step, he was scared of her because she was so smart; she knew what other people were thinking and always knew exactly what to say and when to say it. He admits that before her, all he did was stick his foot in his mouth, and that now he thinks of what she would say when he is at a crossroads. Amanda confesses that she had no idea Noah felt like this and that she needs Noah to be okay. Just then, the doctor exits her room and calls for Noah. As Noah is about the follow the doctor, Amanda asks him if he wants to hear what she has to say and Noah says that she can tell him when he comes back, almost like a reward for when he returns.

Riley is alone in the Lounge so that she has time time to think. Alfie eventually enters the room and sits with her. Alfie assures Riley that while Piper is great, she isn't her. Alfie tells Riley that their duet is magic and that they should perform it together at the qualifier. Riley rebukes this, as she is the studio head and isn't even on A-Troupe, although Alfie assures her that they can just add her name to the list. Alfie begs Riley to consider and she begrudgingly agrees to.

Amy LaTroy season 4 episode 19

Amy expresses her disbelief to LaTroy.

Amy is performing a solo in the Rehearsal Room and LaTroy eventually comes to watch her dance from the doorway. He confesses that Amy is an incredible dancer and girlfriend, and that he is going to miss her so much when he is gone. When she finishes, LaTroy comes forward and tells her that he is leaving the studio to renovate a farmhouse with his dad, but that Riley is saving his spot on A-Troupe. Amy asks him if he is breaking up with her and LaTroy assures her that he isn't; he takes her hands and tells her that he is going to miss her so much. He assures her that he will send her every emoji possible, including the French flag since France is the country of love. Amy smiles at him with understanding.

Riley enters Java Junction and is ordered by Piper to sit across from her. Piper tells Riley that she is excited to show her the duet, but Riley tells her that she thinks she should to the duet instead since, according to her excuse, she is the reason the team didn't compete in the last qualifier. Riley soon realizes that her assertion sounds crazy, but the damage has already been done. Piper is upset that she will be unable to prove herself and tells Riley that while she is the studio head and she views her like a sister, it seems as though she has no faith in the team. As Riley listens to Piper's discourse, she begins to realize that she is right and that her feelings for Alfie are clouding her judgment. Piper tells Riley that she is the boss after all and tells her to let her know what she decides, then promptly leaves.

Noah amanda season 4 episode 19

Amanda cries as she hugs Noah.

Amanda is crying while in the waiting room since Noah has been in the doctor's office for a while, causing her to fear that his test results are really bad. As soon as Noah exits the room, Amanda hugs him. Noah assures her that it went fine and that they just poked him a little bit and put him in a machine and said that he'll get his results in two weeks. Amanda asks Noah if he wants his reward, although Noah tells her that she is his reward. Nonetheless, Amanda tells Noah that why she likes him so much is because he's crazy in a good way; he's always trying to find the fun in life and looks at life like it's a big amusement park (at this, Noah assures her that he'll get her on all the rides). Amanda tells him that she needs someone like him to remind her of how glorious life can be; she tells him that he makes himself better, the team better, and her better. At this, he hugs her. Amanda confesses that Noah was really there for her today and that no matter what, she is going to be there for him through everything.

LaTroy looks around Studio A, realizing that he has made so many new friends and is going to miss them. As he prepares to leave with his belongings, Sloane enters the room, runs into his arms, and hugs him. When they pull away from each other, Sloane begs him not to go but when he tells her that he has to, she pushes him away and storms off. LaTroy confesses that he is leaving behind more than he thought, but that he has to choose his family first.

Alfie Riley season 4 episode 19

Riley pulls away when Alfie attempts to hold her hand.

Richelle and Skylar approach Riley in Java Junction about a duet that they have prepared for the qualifier, but Riley tells them that she needs space. Once they leave, Alfie enters. Riley tells him that she doesn't know what to do about the duet and that things have gotten so complicated so fast. Alfie tries to comfort her by taking her hand, but she pulls away. Alfie tells her that she can hold auditions for duets again, thus giving up his spot. Riley is thankful for Alfie's selflessness.

In Studio A, Riley tells A-Troupe, including Noah and Amanda who have made it to the meeting, that she will be holding auditions for the duet the next day. As the team disperses, Noah receives a call from the hospital even though the test results aren't due for a week. Noah and Amanda alike confess that it can't be good and Amanda follows Noah outside of the studio. Noah takes the phone call and on the other side of the call, the doctor can be heard telling him that she doesn't have good news for him.



Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Calvin Harris.




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