West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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I haven't seen Alfie since he told me he wanted to be with me. Ever since we admitted our feelings for each other things have been... confusing.


Anyways, it was great talking to you and seeing you and I... gotta go.

Alfie, to Riley

Noah: I remember now. It's gotta be C.
Amanda: Uh, no no no no. C's not a blood type.
Noah: I think you're wrong. I mean... my go-to multiple choice answer is 'C', so, C it is.

Amanda: Noah, I know what you're trying to do. Distract me with your jokes.
Noah: Well, I guess I'm just going to have to move on to magic tricks then.

It's obvious that Noah doesn't have that much experience being part of a couple. But his innocence is kinda sweet.


Noah: Be honest. You must wonder why I like you.
Amanda: And what makes you say that?
Noah: Because I wonder every minute of every day: how could you possibly like me?

I've never met anyone as direct as Noah. I'll say this: he knows how to keep things interesting.


LaTroy: Yeah, we're gonna to spend some time renovating an old farmhouse.
Sloane: What do you mean spend some time? How much time?
LaTroy: It could be a long time.
Sloane:Well what about A-Troupe? What about Amy? And what about me?

LaTroy: Sloane, could you just calm down?
Sloane: No, I'm not gonna calm down. You're throwing away a huge opportunity to make the same old mistake all over again! He's just using you, how do you not see it? Your dad always disappoints you. And you keep falling for it all over again. Every single time.

I'm done. I can't watch LaTroy get hurt again. It hurts me too much.


LaTroy: Sloane, where are you going?
Sloane: Out of your life! And you know what? When everything falls apart, don't call me. I'm not gonna be there to help you pick up the pieces this time.

Every time he takes my hand, every time he holds me in his arms... my heart stops. James is the only one who's ever made me feel this way... until now.


When you were at Elite and you first came to The Next Step, I was scared of you. I was scared because... you were so smart. It's like you know what other people are thinking and you exactly what to say and when to say it. Before you, all I did was just stick my foot in my mouth. Now, if I don't know what to say, I just think: what would Amanda say? And all is good in the world.

Noah , to Amanda

Alfie: Yeah, no. Everything's great, I mean, Piper's amazing and she's picking up choreography like I've never seen... but there might be an issue.
Riley: What is it?
Alfie: She's not you.

Riley, you and me together... it was magic. And you know it.


No, no. Amy, listen. Don't ever say that again, we're not breaking up, okay? I'm-I'm gonna miss you so much. And I'm gonna text you every night just to make sure you're okay and I'll send you every single emoji possible. I'll send you X emojis, I'll send you couple emojis, I'll send you flag emojis of France... 'cause France is the country of love, right?


Piper: Look. You're the studio head and you're like a sister to me. But I think you need to trust us. It's seems that you don't have any faith in the team.
Riley: No. No, that's not true at all. That-that is definitely not the impression I wanna give.
Piper: Then... why else would you put yourself in the duet over anyone else?

Amanda: Do you want your reward now?
Noah: Amanda... you're my reward.

Amanda: Noah, the reason why I like you so much is because you're crazy.
Noah: What?
Amanda: In a good way. You're always trying to find the fun in life. You look at the world like one big amusement park.
Noah: I'll get you on all the rides.
Amanda: I need someone like you in my life to remind me how glorious it can be. You make yourself better. You make the team better. Noah, you make me better.

Sloane: Don't go.
LaTroy: I have to. Just don't forget about me.

I'm leaving behind more than I thought. But I have to choose my dad. I have to choose my family.


Richelle: Hey, Riley!
Skylar: Hey, we were thinking if Noah can't dance, we have a duet ready to go.
Richelle: It's all ready. Everything's done.
Skylar: Yeah, we'd love to show it to you. It's really good.
Riley: Okay, not now please.
Richelle: Just Studio A. Two minutes. It won't take long at all, we just want to show you.
Riley: Can you please just give me some space?
Skylar: Yeah, sorry.
Richelle: I'm not sorry.

Everything got so complicated so fast and I lost sight of what's important.

Riley, to Alfie

I guess Alfie always knows when to put the team first.


Noah: Hello?
Dr. Thompson: Hello. Is this Noah?
Noah: Yes. This is he.
Dr. Thompson: Noah, this is Dr. Thompson and I'm afraid I don't have very good news for you.