West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Kate: You cannot be here. You need to leave right now!
Lucien: Fine. I'm gonna go check out my judge's table.

James: I got you something.
Riley: What?
James: It's from the top of a mountain.

Riley, things are gonna change. But, we can't be mad at that. I mean, maybe it's for the better.

James, to Riley

Things have already changed so much. Just because something else is gonna change again, doesn't mean that it's gonna be a bad thing.


I can't wait to see where we are the next time he brings me water from the top of a mountain.


Daniel: Giselle! Hey, I need to apologize to you. I have a way to make it up to you for everything I've—

Giselle: I'm never gonna trust you again, don't you get it? You wasted a flight here. Just go home, Daniel!

I know that what I have can help them. I'm gonna do this for her.


You know what's better than this? Nothing.


This is ridiculous! He owned The Next Step Studio, he can't be a judge!

Kate, to an Internationals delegate

He is a judge and that is that.

— the Internationals Delegate, to Kate

This is... distasteful and unprofessional. This man should have been screened more carefully.

— the Swedish coach, to the Internationals delegate

The Internationals delegate: I'll have him removed immediately.
Kate: Good. Wait, can I be there?

Maybe there's hope for everybody.


Zero. Zero. You've already done that, it's not impressive anymore.

Lucien , into the microphone

The Internationals delegate: We have video evidence of you trying to take down The Next Step.
Lucien: What?
The Internationals delegate: What do you have to say for yourself?
Lucien: It's-it's fake! That video is fake!

There's been a mistake! There's been a mistake, guys! Kate, you... you...


Stockholm Dansteater versus The Next Step. It's gonna be something else.

Chuck Anderson

These teams have fought so hard to be here—they've been blindfolded, they've spun like tops, they've been given mystery music all for this moment: the final two.

Ashley Leggat

We've come so far. We're giving it our all and it just feels unbelievable.


I'm dancing in the finals on the Internationals stage. This is a childhood dream of mine!


I know that there's a few of them that won't be coming back next year. So, it's really nice to see them all dance together one last time.


What are the chances of it becoming an exact tie?


For the first time in Internationals history, we need a tie-break.

Chuck Anderson

This is so exciting!

Ashley Leggat

Are you ready?

Kate , to James and Riley

You know, I've been thinking. Since you're gonna be in band next year, this is probably the last time we're gonna dance together.

Riley , to James

Thinking of everything we've been through, it's all been so amazing. I really, really don't wanna let that go.


Riley, let's just make it the best dance ever then.

James, to Riley

If this is our last dance, then I wanna take in every single moment of it.


All I know is... we just have to make this one count.


There's something so special about James and Riley. And when they dance together? It's just magic.


This duet is absolutely captivating. It's doesn't matter if you're on our team or not. It is so moving.


Everything that has led up to this moment has been so amazing and so unforgettable.


We're never gonna feel this way again.


I've never seen two dancers so connected. I'm at a loss for words.

Ashley Leggat

I did this with my family, I did this with my boyfriend. It's just... it's such an amazing feeling.


Eldon: So, Riley, I've been thinking about something. We've won everything... what comes next?
Riley: Honestly, for the first time in my life, I really... I really don't know.