West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 2

She's my girlfriend.

— to Eldon, "My Boyfriend's Back"

I have the wow factor. I'm what people pay money to see.

— "Ready to Start"

That little head slide right there, Michelle named it back in Madison, actually. She named it "The Head Hunter."

— "Ready to Start"

He just accepted the dance battle.

— to Emily, "The Girl Is Mine"

This literally happens every time I eat spaghetti.

— to Emily upon her spilling her drink on him, "Time to Move On"

First of all, enough with the first of alls because I'm kind of lost with where we are on the first of alls.

— to Emily, "Time to Move On"

Emily, to get pooped on by a bird is good luck... that's common knowledge.

— to Emily, "Time to Move On"

You wanna know what happened? Great white. Barrier reef. I'm surfing, great white swims along. Swimming swimming. I'm surfing, having a great time. Great white leaps out of the water, grabs on me arm, he yanks it off.

— to Emily in an Australian accent, "Time to Move On"

Ooh, do I detect a little bit of sass there?

— to Eldon, "Heartbreaker"

I don't expect to survive this. If I can find a pen and paper and write my will, I can at least die happy.

— "Danger Zone"

Now I don't have to eat Eldon.

— "Danger Zone"

Season 3

I'm leaving with my head held high and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

— "Let the Games Begin"

Dancing with the bros is bittersweet. You know, I had so much fun with them and dancing with them just brings back all these great memories that I had. I learned so much here at The Next Step, I grew so much as a person. This dance team has one of those energies that you can't replace. And when you feed off of it and you're all vibing together... there's no better feeling in the world.

— "The Fallout"