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Hunter has a series of relationships.



Eldon and Hunter were wary at the beginning when Hunter told Eldon Michelle was his girlfriend, and that created a quick drift in the relationship. It got even worse when Hunter and Eldon battled for Michelle, and the less likely (Hunter) won. Eldon soon broke up with Michelle and Hunter got closer to dating Michelle, but ended up rejecting her for Emily.


James and Hunter started having a neutral relationship until James becomes hostile towards Hunter and makes him break up with Beth for him. Eventually, James and Hunter became best friends.


West acted hostile towards Hunter because James did, but soon accepted his bro-quest after Hunter showed him how to do the 'Head Slide'.


Love Interests


Hunter and Emily's plan backfired, and they realised they liked each other. This was after Hunter asked Michelle on a date, to which she accepted, but Michelle talked about Eldon for the entire time. Emily and Hunter kissed after Hunter practised his Nationals solo, and Michelle saw the kiss. Hunter told Michelle he liked Emily now, and they broke up after Amanda forced Emily to in order to gain her trust..[1]


Before joining The Next Step, Hunter danced at a studio in Madison, Wisconsin with Michelle. Although both liked each other, nothing came of their relationship because Michelle moved to Canada. [2]

Hunter joins The Next Step purely to get back together with Michelle, but is unable to, due to Michelle dating Eldon at the time. Hence, Hunter goes to great lengths to get back together with her, to the point of making a plan with Emily to get Michelle and Eldon to break up [3]. Although their plan ultimately backfires and Hunter starts dating Emily, Hunter remains friends with Michelle [4]. Even when Hunter moves back to America, he remains good friends with Michelle, even video chatting with her, something that he does not do with his best friends: James, West and Eldon [5].


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