Although, I do have matching socks.

West to, Amanda

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"I'm So Excited" is the 27th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 27th episode overall. It premiered on December 13, 2013.


A-Troupe heads to Regionals.


Kate season 1 ise

Kate tells A-Troupe that there is a surprise for them in Studio A.

On the day that they are due to leave for Regionals, A-Troupe excitedly gathers in Studio B with their luggage. As the dancers convene, a J-Trouper enters and tell Kate that "they" are ready for them in Studio A. Confused but excited for the surprise, A-Troupe heads to Studio A.

In Studio A, A-Troupe discovers Daniel waiting to send off his former team. J-Troupe are also there with instruments, and begin singing a song they wrote to wish A-Troupe luck at Regionals, which the A-Troupers love. When the song concludes, Kate directs the dancers to the bus, but before they can board it, Emily asks if their costumes are here yet. As Kate is about to finally reveal that the costumes haven't arrived, a courier brings them to the door. Chris signs for the costumes and brings them to Kate, and the two attempt to lie that the costumes were actually being stored somewhere within the studio. The dancers examine their costumes happily and celebrate with the J-Troupers before they have to leave.

Riley michelle eldon season 1 ise

Michelle fixes Eldon's collar.

A-Troupe arrives at the Regionals venue. The dancers step onto the Regionals stage, look around in awe, and reminisce about everything they had to go through in order to get where they are. Amidst the excitement, Emily sees Michelle and Eldon playfully conversing, making her suspicious.

As A-Troupe waits in line to register, Amanda walks past Emily and eyes her slyly. She is followed by the other members of Elite Dance Academy, who are wearing matching tracksuits and are accompnaied by "staff", much to A-Troupe's chagrin. After Chris reveals that Elite get to bypass the registration line because they are the current champions, Amanda returns and taunts Emily about leaving Elite. Michelle comes to Emily's defense and West attempts to make a quip, but this only makes Amanda insult the rest of the team. Before Amanda can say anything else, Lisa Thompson approaches her for an interview; Emily confesses her determination to take down Elite.

West lisa marcel season 1 ise

Marcel reveals that the tenth member of Seeds was stopped at the border.

The SNR Network coverage of Regionals commences, hosted by Chuck Anderson and his co-host Stacey Tookey. The two explain that, unlike other dance competitions, the teams must perform the same routine four times before getting to the finals. The coverage is then directed to Lisa Thompson, who explains that there are twenty-four teams in brackets of eight; two teams go head to head in each round, and the team with the higher score moves forward. There is also a wildcard round, in which a team from the previously eliminated pool is picked to move forward in the competition. Kate explains to A-Troupe that both Elite and Seeds Street Crew are in a different bracket from them and that they must make it at least as far as the semi-finals if they wish to face them. Meanwhile, Lisa approaches Marcel for an interview, during which he admits that they only have nine members since one of them was stopped at the border, which means that they will be disqualified if he does not show up. West overhears this and decides he wants to help his old team. After the interview, West volunteers to dance in place of their missing member, but Marcel refuses. West returns to the A-Troupers, who are in the middle of a rehearsal, and explains that Seeds is missing a dancer and that he wants to take his place for this round. Though some of them are initially against the idea, the whole team eventually votes to allow West to dance with Seeds.

Marcel west season 1 ise

Marcel and West make up.

The members of Seeds are backstage, preparing to perform their first routine. West approaches Marcel again and expresses his wish to dance for the team; realizing that there is no other option, Marcel allows West to dance with them. West tells Marcel that as compensation, they need to be friends again after this dance; Marcel agrees.

Back in the SNR Network's coverage, Lisa makes the official announcement that West is dancing for Seeds. A-Troupe enters the viewing area just as Seeds enters the stage. As Seeds performs, the dancers from A-Troupe confess that Seeds is putting on a great performance. Near the end of the performance, Kate ushers A-Troupe out of the theatre to put on their costumes. Seeds is awarded 88 out of 100 points and moves forward to the second round of the competition.

A-troupe ise

A-Troupe prepares to perform.

Kate, Chris and the A-Troupers (excluding West) convene backstage, moments before their performance. Emily wonders where West is and, as if on cue, West approaches them with a limp. West tells the dancers that he hurt his ankle while he was onstage with Seeds and isn't sure if he will be able to dance. All of the dancers are frantic at this revelation except for James, who asks why West is wearing his costume if he is injured. West's expression shifts, and the team realizes that he was joking. Newly revitalised, the team runs onto the Regionals stage and poses in preparation for their performance.


  • On CBBC (the channel where The Next Step airs in the UK), this episode was aired under the title of "Fancy Footwork."
  • Noah can sing and play the guitar.
  • Seeds Street Crew has defeated Body Bump Dance, and is moving on to the second round.


  • The concept of the wildcard round becomes relevant to the plot in "Fancy Footwork."

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to a song of the same name by The Pointer Sisters.





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