Why would I need to tell James? I wouldn't have to tell him if you and I were going to the gala, and you and I are just friends, and Alfie and I are just friends.

Riley, to Michelle

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"I Can't Go for That" is the 14th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 108th episode overall. It aired on May 13, 2016.


"Riley gets invited to an exclusive gala, and has to decide who to invite as her date. Skylar struggles to find her place on A-Troupe."[1]



Riley invites Michelle to the gala.

While A-Troupe is stretching, Riley is in her office. She reveals in Talking Heads that she has been invited to represent the studio at an annual gala hosted by the city, and that she needs to take somebody with her; she says that she would usually take James, but that she cannot since he is in London. She exits her office and pulls Michelle aside to ask her to go with her, although Michelle declines because she wishes to rehearse for the qualifier that night. LaTroy, having overheard their conversation, tells Riley that he wishes to go, followed by Piper, then Cassie, until the entire team is asking Riley if they can attend. Riley tells them that she can only take one person. She orders the dancers to resume stretching and returns to her office, contemplating about the hard decision ahead.

Skylar is trying to rehearse a solo in the Rehearsal Room, but she confesses that her heart isn't in it. She goes on to say that she is still trying to find her place on the troupe and has been feeling pretty lonely lately.

Noah latroy season 4 icgft 2

LaTroy looks at Noah in confusion.

LaTroy is sitting in Java Junction when Noah enters, confessing that he has something serious to tell LaTroy. Noah sits across from LaTroy and reveals that Henry named his guinea pig Little LaTroy. Noah tells LaTroy that he should probably talk to Henry about it, which LaTroy vows to do due to the strangeness of the situation. Meanwhile, Alfie is rehearsing some acro in Studio A. Riley exits her office and asks Alfie if he is free that night. Alfie claims that while he was planning to bathe his cat, he is free. In reality, Alfie doesn't even have a cat and merely says this as a production of his nerves. Riley asks Alfie to accompany her to the gala and Alfie accepts, but asks why he was picked. Riley claims that it is a reward for winning the qualifier audition. Riley confesses that she is happy that they are going together since they always have a fun time with each other. Nervous about being on the small group for the qualifier, Amy is seeking assistance from Piper in the Rehearsal Room as Skylar stretches nearby. Skylar confesses that it is hard watching Amy rehearse because she did not make the team and she leaves. Piper and Amy notice that something is wrong with Skylar and decide that they should let her join the Zero Percent Club.

Michelle riley season 4 icgft2

Riley reveals that she is taking Alfie to the gala.

Michelle joins Riley in Java Junction and asks her who she is bringing to the gala. When Riley tells her, Michelle asks if she told James, causing Riley to spew a quick response about how she didn't because she is merely Alfie's friend. Michelle is taken aback by Riley's uncharacteristic defensiveness and tells her that based off of her reaction, she probably should. Riley realizes that Michelle is right, but is left wondering whether or not she should be concerned about going to the gala with Alfie. Riley is video-chatting James, who is telling her a story about how Eldon got a Beefeater to laugh, causing him to get fired. James notices that Riley isn't laughing and Riley eventually tells James about the gala that she is attending with Alfie. James is nonchalant about the scenario and confesses that Riley deserves a fun night out.

Sloane, Cassie, Piper, and Amy approach Skylar about joining the Zero Percent Club, although Skylar rejects the offer, claiming that she is not interested in being in a clique. Piper believes that Skylar has misunderstood their intent and, after conversing with the fellow member, decides that a one-on-one approach will be better.

Latroy henry season 4 icgft

LaTroy approaches Henry.

LaTroy approaches Henry in Java Junction about him naming his guinea pig after him. Henry tells LaTroy to meet him in Studio A alone at a time that he will text him in order to discover the reasoning.

Riley approaches Michelle in Java Junction and admits that although James is cool with her going to the gala with Alfie, she still feels weird. Michelle assures her that if they are going together professionally it shouldn't be a big deal. Riley confesses that she doesn't know what to do.

Latroy aamy season 4

"Please call me Robot Amy."

Piper approaches Skylar in the Rehearsal Room and asks her why she doesn't want to join the club. Skylar eventually reveals that she knew a "Queen Bee" who made things so bad for her that Cierra had to walk her home from school every day. Piper assures Sloane that the Zero Percent Club is not a clique not a club that would leave anybody out. While Skylar has a new understanding of the club, she still declines the offer. She confesses that it is nice to know that people are there for her. In Studio A, LaTroy is waiting for Henry who is late. Amy sneaks up on LaTroy, startling him, and tells him "Please call me Robot Amy." LaTroy confesses that he is scared. Robot Amy tells LaTroy to come with her and extends her hand to him, which he begrudgingly takes.

Riley piper alfie season 4

Piper thanks Riley for the invitation.

Riley is sitting at the desk in her office. Alfie enters in a fancy attire, ready for the gala, although Riley tells him that she can no longer go as she has too much work, but tells him that she found a replacement. Alfie asks her if she would go with him if she didn't have a lot of work to which Riley hesitantly concurs. Just then, Piper arrives as the replacement for Riley. Before Alfie leaves with Piper, he looks at Riley one more time. Riley confesses that she needs to do something to cheer her up.

Robot Amy leads LaTroy into a dark lounge where it is revealed that, after the lights are turned on, A-Troupe is there for his surprise birthday party. LaTroy confesses that he actually forgot it was his birthday with all of the guinea pig madness. LaTroy asks Henry if that means he didn't name a guinea pig after him; Henry tells him that he doesn't even have one but that, if he did, he would name it after Noah. Noah puts on some music and the party begins. Amidst the party, Amy gives LaTroy a birthday present of a stuffed guinea pig named after him and LaTroy hugs her. Sloane looks from across the room as they embrace, wondering if Amy likes LaTroy. LaTroy asks Amy to dance with him and Sloane continues to watch them. Back at Riley's office, Riley is on a video-chat date with James. James tells Riley that she looks beautiful and Riley tells him that he doesn't look so bad himself. James thanks her and, after jumping onto a table, reveals that he is only wearing the top half of a tuxedo and is left in boxer shorts. Riley confesses that the date has made her feel better about her situation with Alfie, but that she wishes James was with her.


  • Additional dialogue recording was done for this episode.[2]
  • LaTroy's birthday is on the day of this episode.


Cultural References

  • The title of the episode refers to a song by Daryl Hall & John Oates of the same name.





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