West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Going to the gala would be my first elegant soiree!


Um, I just bought a dress I can wear. I'll come.


Whoa! I was asking Michelle. This is not an open invitation people!


You guys, you guys! We should order a limo!


Oh! Get back to stretching.

Riley , to A-Troupe

I'm trying to rehearse... but my heart's just not in it.


I've been feeling pretty lonely at the studio lately. I thought it was just because I missed Cierra, but I think it's more than that.


Dude... like, do I got something on my face or what?


Why would Henry name his guinea pig Little LaTroy? I mean, we're friends, but not guinea pig-naming friends.


I just wanted to know why. Or what. Or how?

Noah, to LaTroy

He was way too proud of that guinea pig. He got a little tiny comb and he parted his hair.

Noah, to LaTroy

This is super strange.


Yeah! I mean, I was gonna wash my cat 'cause it needs some bathing. Other than that, I'm free.

Alfie , to Riley

Wh-what am I even saying? Why am I so nervous right now?


I'm so excited to go to this gala and now that Alfie's coming... I don't know, we always have such a good time together and it should be a good time tonight.


I actually chose Alfie. Only because he was voted the best dancer.

Riley, to Michelle

Why would I need to tell James? I wouldn't have to tell him if you and I were going to the gala, and you and I are just friends, and Alfie and I are just friends.

Riley, to Michelle


Michelle, to Riley

Eldon is trying to get this Beefeater to laugh, right? And they're not supposed to laugh; they're supposed to stay straight, can't even make a noise, and he actually made him laugh. So they fired him! [...] Three Beefeaters started dragging this guy out of the palace. And he didn't even make a noise, he was doing his job 'til, like, the end. [...] It's kind of inspiring actually.

James , to Riley

Riley's been really stressed at the studio lately. She deserves a fun night out!


I bet we looked like an attacking army of friendship.


Whoa. You can't just walk up in the place and ask people that, it's a little personal.

Henry, to LaTroy

I don't wanna share my name with a guinea pig! There is only one LaTroy! That's me!


My head is saying this isn't a big deal, but a part of me still doesn't feel right.


We're not like those girl groups... we embrace each other. I know those girl groups. I was in a clique and there was this queen bee and everyone did what she wanted. And most of the time she just wanted to make my life miserable.

Piper, to Skylar

Let's just say that things got so bad Cierra had to come walk me home from school everyday.

Skylar, to Piper

Robot Amy was built for one purpose. I must complete my mission.

"Robot" Amy

But if you didn't... you would—you would go with me?

Alfie, to Riley

I don't even have a guinea pig. And if I did, I'd name it Noah.

Henry, to LaTroy

I'm kinda surprised that Amy got LaTroy a gift. Does she like him or something?


You look beautiful in your dress.

James, to Riley

Don't be wearing boxer shorts!

Riley, to James