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West, to James

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"I Don't Know" is the 30th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 60th episode overall. It aired on December 12, 2014.


A decision about choreography weighs on James as small groups and duets compete at Nationals.


West emily season 2 6

Emily and West watch is amazement as Life of Dance performs.

Only thirty-two studios remain at Nationals. The small group round has commenced. The members of A-Troupe watch Life of Dance's small group perform, intimidated by their performance. The small group from Live of Dance easily wins and moves on to the duet round. Riley asks James if he is okay, as he seems distracted, lies that he is fine; he confesses that he is contemplating whether or not to do the B-Twist in the small group.

As A-Troupe continues to watch the small group performances, Kate confesses that she was in the small group when the studio last went to Nationals and that the group lost, which is why she contacted Luther Brown to help the boys with their routine. Hunter confesses that hip-hop is hard to execute well at this stage in the competition, so their group will stand out. Emily tells Hunter, James, and Eldon that West is waiting for them in the lobby. As Joanne Chapman's School of Dance performs their small group routine, Eldon, Hunter, James, and West confer in the lobby. James voices his thought about doing the B-Twist in the routine; West is against the idea since it is so last minute, but Hunter is in favour of it. Riley approaches the boys and tells them that they are to perform in thirty minutes. A-Troupe watches Elite perform their small group performance. Meanwhile, the boys decide that if James is going to do the B-Twist, he'll nod at West. Elite's small group advances to the duet round. As the boys go on-stage, James is thinking about the B-Twist once more.

Hunter west eldon james season 2 2

(l-r) Eldon, West, and James (back to the camera) converse about whether or not James should perform the B-Twist.

The boys perform. Although their performance is fantastic, James omits the B-Twist (signalling this to West by shaking his head and moving his hand across his throat in a cutting motion), because he does not "hear it" like Luther Brown once told him he should. James feels bad that he didn't do the trick and confesses that he'll feel guilty if they don't qualify to the next round. Thankfully, though, they do qualify.

The duet round commences with a routine from Life of Dance. There are sixteen teams in this round, and by the end there will be eight. James and Riley are waiting to go on-stage, and Riley is nervous, especially because after she and James got back together, they created a completely new routine. LOD moves on to the next round. Riley and James's opposing team performs next. Riley convinces James to do the B-Twist after their lift and he agrees since Riley believes that he can do it.

Riley james season 2 4

James and Riley finish their duet.

James and Riley perform their duet. The story of their dance is that Riley is part of a piece of modern artwork in a gallery while James is a businessman interested only in his work, until she somehow comes to life and invites him into her world. As promised, James performs the B-Twist, setting their duet over the top. At the end of the performance, Riley tells James that she is proud of him and loves him, causing him to kiss her on-stage to which everybody cheers. The Next Step wins the round and qualifies to the female solo round.


Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by The Sheepdogs.






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