"I Have a Vision" is the 18th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 152nd episode overall. It aired on November 29, 2017.


"With the deadline for the Regionals qualifier video looming, The Next Step scrambles to perfect their routine in time."[1]


A-Troupe, Daniel, and West prepare to film their Regionals qualifier video in Studio A. While West is excited, Daniel is stressed. Kingston, qualified from his YouTube background, beckons the dancers into starting positions so that they can film the video. Daniel inquires about Ozzy's absence moments before he hurries into the studio claiming that they are doomed; he shows his teammates a qualifier video that is stellar despite being submitted by a studio that isn't even top-tier. Everybody realizes that their video will not even be comparable to the one they have just watched and filming is postponed until further notice.

Emily finishes watching the aforementioned video in her office, with Michelle, West, and Daniel surrounding her. Emily and Michelle assert that their video's concept needs to be completely rethought. Emily decides that Daniel be in charge of choreography, but Michelle argues that West should be in charge. As compromise, Daniel proposes that he and West work together. Although, West condemns both ideas, asserting that the team should come up with the choreography as they are the ones who unified the team.

A-Troupe converses in Studio A, having just been told that they are in charge of the entire video. Noah has proposed that the dancers break off into groups to brainstorm and present their ideas to him at the day's end. Zara asks Noah about the status of her solo, which Noah admits is up in the air, causing Zara to fear that she will lose it after giving up so much for it.

Richelle and Lola are brainstorming for the routine when Zara and Jacquie enter Studio A after doing their own brainstorming; the former two were discussing horses, which coincides with the latter's proposed Western theme. Although, Richelle rudely refuses to Zara and Jacquie's proposition of merging the ideas, still bitter about losing the solo to Zara. In Studio 1, Josh enthusiastically flips across the room while Piper dances, excited that he is able to stay at the studio (confusing Piper since she was never aware that he was leaving in the first place). Piper agrees to coming up with ideas for the video with Josh.

Ozzy approaches Noah with an idea for the video; they are upon an alien planet with three suns that inhabit 11 feet tall 9-armed aliens. Unsurprisingly, Noah refutes the concept — pointing out to Ozzy that The Next Step does not have the budget of Lucasfilm!

Lola and Richelle continue brainstorming. As Richelle does an illusion, she hears her hip crack and falls to the ground. Lola merely interprets this as a suggestion for floor work and Richelle departs under the guise of retrieving water. Meanwhile, Josh and Piper dance together with choreography that exemplifies both dance and sport as to showcase Josh's country routes and Piper's city ones. When they finish their dance, Josh proclaims that he feels like he has worked all day on the farm and lies on the floor. Piper accompanies him, her head beside his, as he discusses how much he misses the stars. He urges Piper to close her eyes and visualize stars and turns to look at Piper, asking her if the sight is beautiful. Piper quickly stands, unsure of what she is feeling, but knowing that she feels inclined to back away.

Noah arrives in Studio A to hear all of his peers' ideas. When it becomes clear that Noah is disinterested in Lola's idea, Richelle immediately iterates Zara's idea of a dance that mixes Western with hip-hop, much to Zara, Jacquie, and Lola's disbelief. Piper and Josh suggest their sports/hip-hop theme, but Noah is not in favour of it. Ozzy suggests that the routine be focused on the studio's merge; two rival teams come out of the rain for a dance battle and realize that they are stronger together than apart. The team is receptive to the idea and it ultimately wins.

Richelle sits in the locker room after getting a bad diagnosis about her hip at the doctor. Lola enters the room and Richelle notably grimaces when greeting her. Richelle lies that she missed ballet practice to go dress shopping with her mom, but Lola doesn't buy it. Richelle ultimately tells Lola the truth; she has snapping hip syndrome. Lola is concerned about the diagnosis despite Richelle's persistence that she is in no real danger. Richelle forces Lola to promise not to tell anybody.

Josh and Piper sit and converse with each other in Neutral Grounds. Piper teaches Josh how to eat sushi with chopsticks, since he doesn't know how being from the country. Josh receives a text and tells Piper that he has to go see his brother's first A hockey game. Piper empathizes with him, always having had to attend James' dance recitals and competitions. After Josh leaves, Piper confesses that she has never felt the way she does for Josh for anyone else before.

Zara, Jacquie, Lola, and Richelle stretch in Studio 1 in complete silence. Zara confronts Richelle about stealing her idea just as Daniel and West enter the studio. They reveal that Zara's solo will be scrapped in favour of a pointe solo performed by Richelle. Richelle is the only person excited about the solo; Zara is disappointed that her solo was taken, Jacquie is fed up with Richelle's attitude, and Lola is worried for Richelle's health.



Cultural references

  • This episode's title refers to a song of the same name by Roy Davis Jr.
  • Noah references Lucasfilm.

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