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I... can't.

Michelle, to Hunter

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"I Hope I Get It" is the 10th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 40th overall. It aired on April 18, 2014.


Emily asks Hunter to help her with J-Troupe auditions to make Michelle jealous.


The J-Troupers are warming up for rehearsal in the Music Room. One of the J-Troupers, Richelle, confesses that she started doing gymnastics, but began dancing after seeing one of her friends doing it. Another J-Trouper named Gabi confesses that she dances because it is the best way to express herself. Gabi is surprised to see Kate enter with her younger sister, Becca, since she doesn't dance at The Next Step Dance Studio. Gabi asks Becca what she is doing there and Kate reveals that Becca wishes to be apart of the troupe. Since the studio's Regionals win, there are many individuals who wish to join the studio, so Kate decides that she will be holding auditions for new members as well as for the current members. Gabi and Richelle are extremely angry about the preposition.

Emily hunter season 2

Emily tells Hunter that Michelle and Eldon broke up.

In Culture Shock, Emily excitedly tells Hunter that Michelle and Eldon have broken up, leaving him ecstatic. Emily tells him that she has to hold J-Troupe auditions and Hunter suggests that he helps her to further Michelle's jealousy. Coincidentally, Michelle enters Culture Shock, feeling weird about the amount of time that Emily and Hunter are spending together. She asks them what they are talking about, and Hunter reveals that he is helping Emily run J-Troupe auditions, which Michelle finds even more weird since that is typically the job of solely the Dance Captain (or, in this case, co-captains). Michelle briskly leaves after hearing about how well they work together.

Gabi, Richelle, and Chad are conversing in Culture Shock about Kate being late to jazz class. Richelle brings up how ridiculous she thinks it is that they have to re-audition to which both Gabi and Chad concur. Despite being upset about auditioning, Gabi still expresses her worry about her sister not making it. Chad suggests that one of them go speak to Kate to ensure that all of the original J-Troupers are safe, a task that Richelle takes on. Gabi asks Richelle to make sure that Becca gets a spot too. Richelle confesses that she offered to speak to Kate because, if she wants to be Dance Captain one day, she has to prove to her team that she can lead.

Hunter and Emily are choreographing the routine the J-Troupe auditions. Hunter confesses that Emily has been the nicest to him during his time in A-Troupe and Emily confesses that he likes working with him and that he makes her laugh.

Kate richelle season 2

Richelle tries to convince Kate to let the original J-Troupers keep their spots.

Richelle lies to Kate that all the J-Troupers are threatening to leave The Next Step if they are not guaranteed spots on the troupe. Richelle asks for at least three guaranteed spots and, seeing that Richelle is bargaining, Kate asks her what she has to offer. When Richelle admits that she has nothing to offer, Kate dismisses her bargain as a bluff and tells her that it didn't go well. Kate tells Richelle that while she appreciates her keenness, everybody still has to re-audition.

Emily and Hunter begin teaching the J-Troupers the choreography in Studio A. Michelle watches from the ballet barre, believing it to be her responsibility as co-captain. Eldon is also watching from the bench, wanting to see what new talent is present. Michelle awkwardly approaches Eldon and tells him that it's weird that both of their exes are getting along so well, but he doesn't agree. Michelle eventually leaves Eldon alone, having realized that there is still something there between herself and Hunter. Emily calls a five minute break for the J-Troupers, during which Gabi pulls Becca aside. Becca asks Gabi if she is still mad that she is there, although Gabi assures her that she was just surprised and Gabi assists Becca with a piece of the choreography.

Hunter swings Emily around and dips her in an attempt to make Michelle jealous. Michelle leaves, not wanting to see what is going on between Hunter and Emily. Hunter confesses that the plan is going perfectly, as he knows that Michelle is getting jealous. When Michelle exits the studio, she finds Eldon in the corridor, stops him and asks him if they can be friends. Eldon confesses that he still has strong feelings for Michelle and doesn't know if they can just be friends at the moment. Likewise, Michelle confesses that she isn't completely over Eldon, but knows that she needs to move on. Finally, Eldon tells Michelle that it will take some time but that they can be friends, causing Michelle to tell him that she hopes it isn't too long as she could really use him as a friend. Michelle is left wondering why they cannot be friends right now.

Josh season 2

Josh speaks in Talking Heads.

J-Troupe auditions are about to take place. One part is the choreography round, which is split up into two groups, and another part is featured spots, which are choreographed by the J-Troupers. Amidst a montage of the auditions, those auditioning introduce themselves in Talking Heads. Gabi confesses that she is no longer angry that Becca is auditioning. Josh confesses that he started dancing through his parents who own a dance studio. Becca confesses that she initially got into dance because of her sister, but now does it for herself. Noah confesses that he is a member of J-Troupe who dances because he truly loves it. Richelle confesses that she dances because it gives her freedom to express her emotions. Camille confesses that she is a J-Trouper who began dancing after watching people do it on television. Emily confesses that the J-Troupers are surpassing all of her expectations and Hunter also expresses how impressed he is. Emily claims Richelle to be her favourite auditonee due to her technical skill, thorough knowledge of the choreography, and resemblance to herself. Auditions end, with Emily telling the auditionees that she and Hunter will go deliberate with Kate.

While J-Troupe is regrouping, Kate enters the studio with the results and puts up the list. Among those who made it in are: Richelle, Gabi, Becca, Noah, Josh, Chad and Camille. Hunter and Emily show the J-Troupers the secret handshake specific to their troupe. Emily confesses that the future of the studio is looking pretty bright.

Richelle becca gabi season 2

Richelle, Becca, and Gabi converse.

Richelle, Gabi, and Becca are walking down the corridor outside of Studio A. Gabi thanks Richelle for making sure that Becca got a spot on J-Troupe, unknowing of the fact that Richelle didn't actually get any assured spots from Kate. Becca says that it is too bad that Andy and Lily didn't make it, which both Richelle and Gabi agree to. Gabi thanks Richelle again just as Kate walks by, causing Kate to tell Richelle that she is watching her and remind her of her bluff. Meanwhile, Hunter and Emily are cleaning up the studio when Emily abruptly leaves due to an S.N.S. text from Riley. Michelle enters the studio and decides to help Hunter clean up. She asks Hunter if he still remembers their duet from their old studio, which he does. Consequently, the two reprise their duet. When they finish, Hunter admits to Michelle that he still has feelings for her. As he moves toward her, she tells him that she can't and exits the studio. She confesses that she is still really emotional about what happened between herself and Eldon, but still feels something for Hunter. She confesses that she doesn't want to hurt anybody as a result of her confusion.


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  • The title refers to a song of the same name by A Chorus Line.

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