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The auditions are in here, right?

Daniel, to A-Troupe and the auditioners

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"I Hope I Get It" is the 14th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 78th episode overall. It aired on April 1, 2015.


Cierra tries to help her sister get onto the Internationals team. Meanwhile, Emily offers Stephanie her support; and Michelle contemplates returning to Madison with her mom.


Kate gets a call from the Internationals board asking her to submit the list of twelve dancers. She tells the team that they need to figure out who will replace Chloe if they wish to do so. Cierra comments that they may need two new dancers, as Michelle may be moving back to Madison with her mom which upsets Michelle, despite the fact that it holds some truth. Kate tells Michelle that she needs a decision from her by the next day or she'll have no choice but to replace her.

Michelle cierra season 3

Cierra apologizes to Michelle.

Cierra approaches Michelle in Studio A and apologizes to her, but tells her that she still needs to make a decision. Michelle tells her that she will make a decision, but when she does she'll let Kate know, and leaves. Later, Jake, Stephanie, and Shannon are talking about the upcoming auditions for A-Troupe and Stephanie reveals that she is not auditioning, confessing that she doesn't want to have to deal with disappointment again.

Cierra tells Skylar that she has another chance at making A-Troupe and encourages her to audition. The two are excited at the potential opportunity to go to Miami together.

At Hidalgo's, Richelle and Abi discuss the auditions and both decide that they won't partake in them, as they are not yet ready. Noah watches the exchange from afar with a disinterested Max at his side. Wanting Abi to audition, Noah hastily approaches her and tells her as much. Seeing Richelle there, he also adds that she should audition, but Richelle doesn't buy it. Not wanting to mess things up, he suddenly leaves. Abi confesses that since Noah believes in her, she'll give the idea of auditioning some more thought. Noah approaches West for advice; after a couple of unsuccessful guesses via West, Noah reveals that he needs some advice about Abi. To his misfortune, West calls James for help. Eventually, James ends up in the premises and simply tells Noah to talk to her. Noah decides that he will take the advice and talk to Abi the following morning.

Stephanie season 3 ih

Stephanie reveals that she does not plan to audition.

Stephanie practises a solo in the Music Room she had made up for leisure. Emily walks in and watches her dance, confessing that everything has improved and that she is meant to be in A-Troupe, not B-Troupe. She is dismayed when Stephanie tells her that she isn't trying out and realizes that her confidence really took a hit when she was demoted the previous year. She refuses to let Stephanie make such a big mistake. Emily drags Stephanie to Kate's office and tells Kate that Stephanie is auditioning, to the surprise of both her and Kate. After Emily makes some strong points, Stephanie finally agrees to audition. Kate tells her to be at the studio the following day at 8:00 A.M. for the auditions.

Abi is practicing for auditions in the Music Room when Noah enters with the intention of talking to her. He asks her to audition and she tells him she is. As they continue speaking surprisingly non-awkwardly, Abi begins to approach him, but he continuously backs up. Not wanting to say anything weird, he abruptly leaves, leading Abi to believe that Noah doesn't like her. Meanwhile, Michelle enters Kate's office and tells her that she will definitely be going to Internationals, but she is secretly unsure, as a part of her still wants to go back to Madison.

Daniel season 3 ih

Daniel stands before his former friends.

Auditions for A-Troupe commence in Studio A. Kate confesses that seeing as how important it is for the team to mesh, the current team will decide the new member, as opposed to herself. Kate announces that Abi will go first and Noah begins clapping loudly, causing West to order him to calm down. Her audition is followed by Shannon's and Skylar's. As Jake is about to perform, Daniel suddenly enters and asks if he is in the right place for the auditions.

Everyone is shocked and angered at Daniel's arrival. He asks Kate where he can be fitted in the line-up, appalling her, but after some convincing from James - who cconfesses that he knows Daniel won't make it because he has messed with the team too many times - she decides he can go right before Stephanie. Daniel confesses that he is basically out of options, but doesn't want anybody to know. After Jake's audition, Daniel takes the floor. He confesses that his dance is a reflection of him without all the anger and attitude, and that that he misses how he used to be before he became so competitive. Giselle regretfully confesses that he is dancing extremely well. Finally, Stephanie performs. As she dances, Eldon confesses that watching her dance is refreshing. Daniel grows worried at Stephanie's improvement and realizes that she could crush his chances of making it. When Stephanie finishes, the team unanimously chooses Stephanie as their new member. Daniel leaves, heartbroken, but not surprised. He confesses that he realizes that he has been mean and selfish, but he had still hoped that some of his old friends might pick him.







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