LaTroy: I got a date.
Sloane: With who?
LaTroy: With Amy.
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"I Only Have Eyes for You" is the 15th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 109th episode overall. It aired on May 20, 2016.


"Amy makes LaTroy a proposition, but things get complicated when Sloane discovers new feelings. West and Eldon have an adventure in London."[1]


Amy and LaTroy perform a duet together to "Classicality" in Studio A. Both parties confess that they enjoy dancing together and that they are great together. The two finish their duet in a near-embrace and Amy tells LaTroy that they should do something about their chemistry. LaTroy offers to take Amy to a movie and Amy accepts. Thrilled, Amy confesses that she has to tell everyone.

Michelle season 4 iohefy

Michelle tells Piper that she has to work that much harder since she was an alternate the previous year.

Piper has to make a documentary about her family for a school project, but Piper has decided to make it about her dance family since her biological family is all over the world. Piper interviews Michelle first and asks Michelle about her time at The Next Step Dance Studio and Michelle has nothing but positive things to say. Although, she confesses that being on A-Troupe can be frustrating, as she feels like she has to constantly prove herself. Piper asks Michelle if it is hard knowing that she was one of the most celebrated dancers when she started, but was an alternate the previous year, but Michelle just says that she has to work extra hard. Piper tells Michelle that she and the other new girls look up to her, giving Michelle a boost of confidence.

West and Eldon are having some leisure time in London without James, who happens to be buying presents for his sisters. As the two are walking, Eldon suddenly stops, claiming that the area they are in is Stonehenge. West assures him that it isn't, as Stonehenge isn't in London, but Eldon is sure that they are located in the monument; Eldon confesses that if he closes his eyes, he can almost see the druids erecting the stones. In an attempt to prove he is right, Eldon even asks a Londoner if they are in Stonehenge and misinterprets his sarcastic response for agreement. Eldon orders West to take a series of pictures of him and West begrudgingly complies.

Piper interviews Amanda. Wanting to know about her odd relationship with Noah, Piper asks Amanda how she felt when Noah told the entire troupe about their relationship. Amanda says that she was only a bit surprised and is happy that everybody knows and, in Talking Heads, reveals that while she was in disbelief but knows that he only did it because he was nervous. Piper asks Amanda what made her fall for Noah and Amanda replies that he's tall enough, they have dance in common, and just the usual stuff. Piper is still confused as to why Amanda likes Noah, claiming that she pictures her with someone like Alfie. Piper asks Amanda what Noah's best quality is and Amanda responds with the fact that he is a guy. Amanda confesses that she isn't going to tell Piper the truth because it's private and that she and Noah work together which is what really matters. Piper confesses that maybe love doesn't have to make sense and that when you meet the right person, you just know. Meanwhile, Sloane and LaTroy are rehearsing hip-hop in A-Troupe. When they finish, Sloane tells him that she will meet him at Java Junction after she changes, although LaTroy reveals that he can't because he has a date with Amy. Sloane is shocked and becomes angry when LaTroy begins bragging about how great Amy is. LaTroy asks her what her deal is and Sloane tells him that she doesn't need to know about every single detail of his personal life, then leaves with her belongings. Sloane confesses that she doesn't know why she is so bothered since both LaTroy and Amy are her friends.

Henry season 4 iohefy 2

Henry tells LaTroy that Sloane likes him.

Henry is dancing to "Summertime" in the Rehearsal Room when LaTroy enters looking for somebody to talk to. When Henry finishes he asks LaTroy why he is so mopey. LaTroy tells him that he has a lot on his mind and Henry asks if it is about his date with Amy which the whole studio allegedly knows about. LaTroy reveals that the problem is that Sloane freaked out after he spoke about his date with Amy. Henry assures LaTroy that Sloane likes him, although LaTroy finds this laughable. Nonetheless, LaTroy decides to talk to Sloane. Meanwhile, Piper is interviewing Alfie. Piper asks him why he left his troupe in Europe for The Next Step and Alfie says that it is because The Next Step is the best studio in the world. Piper asks Alfie is he is lonely being so far from home and Alfie admits that, while he is, his heart has led him to where he is. On the topic of his heart, Piper asks Alfie is he has found love at The Next Step and while Alfie replies that he hasn't, he confesses that he does like someone at the studio but that acting on it would cause trouble. The interview concludes and Piper confesses that it seems like Alfie could really use some friends.

West and Eldon are walking in London and decide that they have to stay sharp for the competition, so they begin to dance. Eventually, West and Eldon are rewarded money by passing Londoners. Amidst this, a grey-haired man arrives and begins yelling at the boys to stop. He tells them that if they want to busk, they must do so on busking pitch that lies a few metres away from them. Subsequently, the man—who is an officer for the anti-busking brigade, causing Eldon to dub him as a Busking Busting Bobby—orders the two to give him all of the money that they earned while "illegally busking." The boys decide that it is time to dip and run away from the man.

Piper is preparing to interview Riley. Upon Riley's inquiry, Piper tells Riley that she is interviewing her because she is not only studio head, but is basically her sister. Riley is honoured and Piper assures her that although she already has big sisters, she is her favourite. Riley tells Piper that she is her favourite sister too and not to tell Emily as much. Piper begins the interview by asking Riley what it is like being studio head. Riley responds that it is great and natural but confesses that it is so nerve-wracking. Piper asks Riley if she ever misses James or feels lonely and Riley agrees to both, causing Piper to tell Riley that Alfie also said he feels lonely and that they should hang out. Riley awkwardly laughs and leaves after claiming that she has a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, LaTroy enters Java Junction to talk to Sloane about what Henry said. Once he is seated in front of her, LaTroy tells Sloane that he just heard the most craziest thing from Henry: that Sloane like likes him. Sloane begrudgingly admits that it isn't that crazy and admits to him that she does like him. LaTroy is taken aback and is unable to respond, making Sloane realize that he doesn't reciprocate her feelings. She leaves, causing LaTroy to confess that the situation isn't good.

Eldon bobby west season 4 iohefy

Eldon and West regard the police officer in shock.

Eldon and West are in a cafe, drinking authentic tea. They reflect on their day and about Busking Busting Bobby. They both comment that despite how great the day was, they wish James was there and decide to text him despite the sign behind them that prohibits cellphones. Suddenly, Busking Busting Bobby appears, causing both Eldon and West to scream in surprise. Like before, the two dip and rush out of the cafe.

Riley is with Piper to view the rough-cut of her documentary. Alfie also walks in, having been told that he would be the first person to watch the documentary. Piper, knowing that both individuals had expressed their loneliness, had invited both of them to watch the video. Piper leaves to get snacks and Alfie and Riley are left sitting together awkwardly on the sofa in the Lounge. Piper returns with popcorn and comments about how the two are practically best friends. Riley confesses that she is confused, as she and Alfie feel like more than friends.

Amy and LaTroy are sitting across from each other in Java Junction. Amy notices that LaTroy is being very quiet and asks him if he is okay. LaTroy reveals to Amy that Sloane has feelings for him, but assures Amy that he only sees Sloane as his best friend. LaTroy takes Amy's hand assures her that he likes her and Amy tells him that she likes him too. Amy tells him that if they like each other that way then they should date each other, just as Sloane enters the store. Sloane leaves, commenting that she feels like she just lost two friends.




  • In the "Previously on" section of this episode Riley says "My head is saying this isn't a big deal but my heart is saying something else." The only episode in which she says a similar line is in "I Can't Go for That," although she says "My head is saying this isn't a big deal, but a part of me still doesn't feel right."

Cultural References

  • The title of the episode refers to a song by The Flamingos of the same name.





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