A woman acts as a delegate for Internationals.


Before the show

She became a delegate for the Absolute Dance Internationals competitions.

Season 3

She intimidatingly reveals, to the Dance Captains from the Internationals teams, that the two-to-seven-person dance must be performed blindfolded.[1]

She argues with Kate upon Lucien being a judge just so that he can take down The Next Step. After getting proof from an email, she has Lucien removed from the judge board by security guards.[2]


She is intimidating and strict, seen in the manner she speaks to others. Although, she is able to admit when she is wrong.

Physical appearance

She has dark skin, dark brown eyes and short black hair.

She sports the Internationals uniform: a short-sleeved bright yellow shirt, with the Internationals logo on it, along with black leggings and black trainers. She also wears earrings.


Season 3


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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