Mayonnaise has it!

Noah, to Abi

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"It's My Party" is the 22nd episode of Season 3 on The Next Step and the 86th episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2015.


The Next Step welcomes Amanda back from Sweden. Riley and Ella play one last prank on James before Ella returns to England. West and Giselle try to help Eldon and Thalia with their budding romance. Meanwhile, Noah tries to find the courage to ask Abi to dance at the Internationals party.


West amanda season 3 imp

Amanda is ambushed by costumes.

Amanda finally returns to The Next Step Dance Studio from her trip in Sweden, and despite having fun on her trip, is excited to be back. She confesses that Sweden's team is amazing and has taught her a lot. As she places her things in the Music Room, Cierra creeps in, trying not to be caught by Amanda. Nonetheless, Amanda sees her and greets her, but Cierra hurriedly speaks, retrieves the chair in the room, and leaves. As Amanda exits the Music Room, she sees Stephanie who acts in a similarly odd fashion when Amanda tries to speak to her. At last, West arrives, acting just as weird as the previous two, if not weirder; he throws the costumes he had been holding onto Amanda and tells her to bring them to Studio A. West then dashes into Studio A where the rest of A-Troupe is waiting. When Amanda enters, they yell "Surprise!" therefore revealing that the reason for everybody's strange behaviour was that everybody wanted to keep their surprise party for Amanda a secret as long as possible. Amanda is grateful for the party and for the fact that nobody forgot about her.

Eldon max season 3 imp

Eldon and Max perform their duet.

Eldon and Max perform a comical duet in honour of Amanda, to the song "Oops a Daisy." Thalia, watching on with the other members, loves it, as she has never seen this side of Eldon while dancing. When the two finish their duet, Kate invites Luke from the Music Room onto the stage. He performs a romantic song, and Thalia and Eldon gaze at each other during the performance. Just then, Abi enters Studio A in a blouse and skirt, hoping that Noah will invite her. Noah calls her over and tries to speak to her, but is tongue-tied as per usual. James swoops in and invites Abi to the party for Noah. After Abi goes onto the dance floor, James slaps some sense, literally, into Noah. Noah confesses that all he he has to do is ask Abi to dance with him.

Stephanie michelle season 3 imp

Stephanie and Michelle converse about Michelle's predicament.

Stephanie and Michelle talk to each other by the concession stand. Michelle expresses her predicament: since her parents can't exactly be in the same room together, she has to pick whether she wants her dad or mom to come with her to Miami. Stephanie thinks that Michelle is lucky; she confesses that her parents are never there for anything and that she would kill to even be able to choose which could go with her to Miami. Stephanie reminds Michelle that her parents can't hold her hand forever. Meanwhile, Ella and Riley decide to pull one more prank on James. The two call James over, and Riley lies that her back hurts. Ella, with a water bottle behind her back, says that she can help; she goes behind Riley and cracks the water bottle to create a sound that makes it seem as though Riley broke her back, with Riley pretending that she is in pain only adding to the performance. James seemingly believes that she is hurt and runs off to get help.

Amanda puts pickled herring, a traditional Swedish delicacy, on the concession table so that she can share it with everybody. Cierra stands nearby, and after Amanda asks her if she missed anything, Cierra relays all of the things that have happened in Amanda's absence. Although Amanda seems baffled by all of the occurrences, she is especially shocked to find out that Michelle is an alternate.

Skylar cierra season 3 imp

Skylar and Cierra make up.

Kate introduces Theo to the stage. He sings another romantic song and Giselle seems particularly enamored, which she confesses is because she has a crush on him. As he continues to sing, Skylar approaches Cierra, as she was invited by Cierra to attend the party. The two make up. Simultaneously, West walks toward the concession stand where he is approached by Ella. Ella tells West that she has a British surprise for him, confessed to be because West seems to be the least uptight of the dancers.

West ella riley season 3 imp

Ella knights West.

Noah attempts to ask Abi to dance, but instead of saying "May I have this dance?" he says: "Mayonnaise has it!" In response, Abi directs him to the concession stand where there are sandwiches. Abi and Noah both confess their disappointment; Abi, because she wanted Noah to ask her to dance, and Noah, because he was unable to ask her to dance with him. Meanwhile, James rushes in with an ice pack for Riley. Riley, keeping up the charade, tells James that she doesn't think she'll be able to go to Internationals. James tells her not to worry, as Kate already notified the board of her injury, therefore taking Riley's name off of the list for Internationals. Riley is shocked, and realizing that her prank has gone too far, reveals that it was a joke. James bursts into laughter, as he knew that it was a prank and was merely playing along. Ella admits that she sees why Riley likes James, and James admits that he is warming up to Ella. Riley is relieved that she is still going to Internationals. Noah pulls James aside and asks him how he should go about kissing Abi; James tells him to just do it. Just then, Ella runs onto the stage and calls upon West. West is asked to kneel and is then adorned with a cape and a hat. As suspected by West, Ella "knights" him as well as gives him a small blue box. West walks off of the stage to applause and opens the box near Giselle; he believes that what is inside is an arcade token, but Giselle doesn't have the heart to tell him that it is actually a English pound. Then, Ella performs a song called "Take It Easy" in honour of A-Troupe. The troupe dances along and Riley realizes how much she will miss Ella when she leaves.

Noah abi season 3 imp

Noah and Abi slow dance.

Eldon asks Giselle if she can be his date and West Thalia's so that himself and Thalia can communicate through Giselle and West. Obviously, Giselle and West agree. Noah tries to ask Abi to dance with him and commences babbling, although Abi understands and accepts his offer. As the two slow dance, Giselle and Eldon, and Thalia and West also dance. Although, Thalia and Eldon pretend as though their partners are not there and merely stare at each other. Then, Theo asks Giselle to dance with him, leaving Eldon partner-less. Giselle is incredibly happy. Meanwhile, Abi confesses to Noah that she wishes Noah had invited her to the party and Noah reveals that he didn't because he was scared. Abi tells him that he shouldn't be, and Noah kisses her. Noah confesses that he isn't nervous anymore and is the happiest guy in the world.

Michelle amanda season 3 imp

Amanda speaks to Michelle.

James makes Riley promise that she won't pull any pranks in Miami. The two admit that they are ready for Internationals, and Riley confesses that she feels as though their team can take on anything. Michelle and Amanda are sitting from afar. Amanda admits how sad it is that Michelle and herself are now alternates after being the best at Nationals the previous year. Michelle assures Amanda that that is good because there won't be any pressure on them. Amanda disputes this, as Sweden is allegedly unstoppable, so good in fact, that A-Troupe wouldn't be so much as B-Troupe at their studio. Michelle asks Amanda if she has told anyone about this and Amanda admits that there is no point; she sees everybody having a good time, but knows that they are all going to be destroyed at Internationals.



  • Stephanie says that her parents are never there, a plot point that is established in "Road to Joy."
  • West throwing costumes onto Amanda is reminiscent of Amanda throwing costumes onto West in "Re-Match."
  • Amanda carries costumes that have been seen in past episodes:


  • Shane is referred to as Luke in this episode with no explanation as to why.
  • Levi is referred to as Theo in this episode with no explanation as to why.
  • James does not fall for Ella and Riley's prank and tells them to "never prank a pranker," although the two have previously been successful at pranking him on more than one occasion.
  • When Cierra is explaining to Amanda what happened while she was in Sweden, she mentions that Richelle has a crush on Noah. Although, this fact is supposed to be known only by Richelle. However, it is possible that Cierra deduced this information by seeing the way that Richelle previously looked at Noah, which was how Phoebe deduced that Richelle had feelings for Noah.

Production Errors

  • West is knighted by Ella, although it has no validity since one must be knighted by the Queen of England.
  • When Giselle dances with Theo, Abi can be seen in the background dancing with her head on Noah's shoulder. However, the next scene cuts to Abi and Noah dancing face-to-face.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Lesley Gore.





  • Maranda Thomas as Mary

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