I wish I'd never come to this studio in the first place...


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"It’s A Wonderful Life, Piper - Part 1" is the first part of the Christmas Special which is featured in Season 7. It aired on December 13, 2019.[1].


Piper learns what life would be like if she never joined The Next Step.[2]


Rehearsal is underway for a very special Christmas holiday performance of The Nutcracker. Piper feels invisible after James and the original A-Troupe return to TNS, and it's the last straw when she receives no gift when the Christmas presents are given out; she wishes she never came to the studio in the first place. Her wish is granted when a fairy, who looks like Giselle, appears and guides her through a Piper-less studio. It's a very different TNS where A-Troupers from past and present are almost unrecognizable. Piper realizes the ripple effect her life has had on the studio, but it may be too late after Alfie reveals his plan to turn TNS into a luxury hotel.

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