West Thalia season 3 episode 18
This is page is a transcript for the episode "It Ain't Easy." Note that this page does not include the "Previously on" segment, nor an in-depth description of the theme song sequence.
Various shots of downtown Toronto. Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to the members of A-Troupe conversing in Studio A. Cut to Riley exiting her office.

Riley: Alright, A-Troupe! [Cut to the A-Troupe gathering around.] You guys ready to do the final dance?

A-Troupe: Yes!

Riley: [Voice-over.] Regionals is coming up [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] so we need to kick things into high gear. [Zoom in on Riley's face.] We need to be ready. [Cut to Riley speaking to A-Troupe, with LaTroy approaching silently from behind.] We need to see the final routine.

Cut to LaTroy walking toward the dancers.

A-Troupe: Alright, yeah!

Riley: Can we do it?

LaTroy: [LaTroy turns to Riley.] Got room for one more?

Cut to Sloane smiling at LaTroy.

Riley: Yeah, we do.

Cut to LaTroy.

Amy: Oh my gosh!

Amy runs out from her place in the crowd of A-Troupers near Alfie, Henry, and Sloane. Amy runs to LaTroy with Cassie, Sloane, Noah, Richelle, and Skylar looking on in the background. LaTroy picks Amy up and spins her around in his arms. Cut to Michelle, Henry, and Noah smiling, with Sloane lowering her head. LaTroy continues to spin Amy, then stops and places her down standing.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] Seeing Amy again is like... [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] It's like a dream come true. You know?

Cut to Amy.

Amy: It's so good to see you!

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: So nice to see you.

Cut to Sloane smiling softly, then lowering her head down.

Sloane: [Voice-over.] I've missed LaTroy so much [Cut to Sloane in Talking Heads.] and now that we're friends again, I can't wait to catch up with him. [Zoom in on Sloane's face.] A-after he catches up with Amy of course.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: I won't hold you guys up. [Cut to Riley.] I'll pick up the choreography as we go.

"Ain't No Number Two" begins to sound in the background.

Riley: [Nods.] Alright. Then, let's see it from the top.

Noah: Let's go!

A-Troupe assembles into the beginning position of their working finals routine.

LaTroy: [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] I've been away renovating an old farmhouse with my dad. But now... I'm back! [Zoom in on LaTroy's face.] I'm ready to dance.

A-Troupe commences their working finals routine. A-Troupe continues to dance.

Michelle: [Voice-over.] If we make it to the finals, we're going totally kill with this routine. [Cut to Michelle in Talking Heads.] This is incredible!

A-Troupe continues to rehearse. Cut to Riley watching the team rehearse. Cut back to a series of dancers performing acro moves. After the series of tumbling, A-Troupe reunites and continues the choreography. A-Troupe finishes their routine as "Ain't No Number Two" comes to a halt, and the members pose.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: [Claps.] That was fantastic! [Cut to the members of A-Troupe smiling as they compose themselves.] When - not if - we make it to the final round, this dance will kill it. Great work you guys.

Alfie holds up his hand in a small wave directed at Riley. Riley mirrors the gesture, after which she casts her eyes toward the ground and quickly retreats to her office.

Riley: [Voice-over.] Things between Alfie and I have been a little awkward since we started dating. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] It's like we're not connecting anymore.

Cut to Alfie who shakes his head slightly, then begins to walk off-screen. Cut to theme sequence. Cut to various shots of downtown Toronto. Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to close-up of Riley with her eyes cast downward. Riley picks up a folder and walks over to her desk in her office. Alfie approaches the office's doorway.

Alfie: Hey!

Cut to Riley.

Riley: Hey!

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: [Entering the office.] What did you think of the dance earlier?

Riley: I thought it was great! It's really shaping up. [Smiles and places lock of hair behind ear.] We're gonna rock Regionals.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: Do you wanna have lunch?

Cut to Riley.

Riley: [Surprised.] Today?

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: Like, now preferably.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: Oh. I would-I would love to. It's just that I don't really have a lot of time. [Cut to Alfie regarding Riley worriedly.] I'm super, super busy. I mean, I'm probably just going to eat a sandwich at my desk. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] Alfie's a great guy. I don't know why I feel like this, but I do. [Zoom in on Riley's face.] I just... I just need some time to figure it out.

Cut to Riley and Alfie facing each other.

Alfie: Coffee maybe? A few minutes. I just want to... [Cut to Riley's apologetic face.] you know, I miss hanging out with you.

Riley: That sounds amazing... but [Cut to Alfie's expectant face.] I'm supposed to watch Noah and Richelle's duet [Cut back to Riley's face.] before Regionals so...

Alfie: Right.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: Yeah. Today's just not really a good day.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: No, I understand. I understand. Of course.

Cut to Riley and Alfie facing each other.

Alfie: Just, you know. [Alfie approaches Riley.] Let me know when you have time. [Cut to Riley smiling and nodding tensely.] And we'll hang out then.

Riley: Mhm.

Alfie kisses Riley on the cheek.

Riley: That was sweet.

Alfie smiles and backs away toward the doorway.

Alfie: Right.

Alfie exits the office. Riley looks on after him guiltily.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I still really like Alfie. [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] But being with him isn't exactly what I pictured it would be. [Zoom in on Riley's face.] I just don't know why.

Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to Amy and LaTroy in the Lounge.

Amy: [Sits down on couch, her hand holding LaTroy's.] Okay.

LaTroy sits across from Amy.

Amy: So. How'd it go with your dad?

LaTroy: It went... It went pretty good. [Zoom in on LaTroy's expressionless face.] I think he's really changed and finally come around. And so... it's great. I think I finally got to know him better.

Amy: [Cut to Amy in Talking Heads]. I know it's only been a few weeks since LaTroy went away with his dad [Zoom in on Amy's face.] but it feels like a million, billion years.

Cut to Amy and LaTroy sitting on the couch, holding hands.

Amy: That's amazing! [Cut Amy's face.] I'm so happy for you.

LaTroy: [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] The truth is things didn't turn out so well with my dad. But I don't want to get into that stuff with Amy right now.

Cut to LaTroy and Amy sitting across from each other.

Amy: Tell me more.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: Um... see,I really think I should be running the choreo.

Amy: Oh! I'll come with you.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: I think it's better if I run it by myself.

Cut to Amy.

Amy: Um... well, then, take me out for dinner tonight and [Cut to LaTroy.] you can tell me everything.

LaTroy: Okay. Alright. Sounds good. [LaTroy begins to rise from his seat.]

LaTroy and Amy: Bye.

LaTroy exits, leaving a smiling Amy sitting alone on the couch.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] I can't talk to Amy about this but [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] there is one person that I can talk to.

Cut to various shots of London. Establishing shot of James, Eldon, and West's hotel. Cut to the hotel room, where West and Eldon are fighting over a tie, with James sitting solemnly on his bed.

Eldon: [Snatches tie from West's grip.] I hate dressing up.

West: We're going to Westminster Abbey. [Cut to James' sullen face, then back to West and Eldon.] You have to dress up.

James: [Voice-over.] I'm with my brothers in one of the greatest cities in the world [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] and all I can think about is Riley.

West: [Cut to West in Talking Heads.] I thought a tour of Westminster Abbey would cheer James up [Zoom in on West's face.] but, he doesn't look very cheered up.

Cut to Eldon and West still arguing, with James still sitting on his bed.

Eldon: I don't wanna go.

West: Dude, we're going to a church named after me. [Zoom in on West and Eldon.] West. Minster.

Eldon: Your last name isn't Minster.

Cut to James still looking down sullenly.

West: Well, if I was British, it would be. Now put on your tie.

Cut to West and Eldon facing each other.

West: [West turns his head to look at James.] James.

Cut to James turning his head to face West, his expression surprised as if snapped out of a trance.

West: You... you gotta get dressed too.

James: Yeah, I'm not really feeling it, man.

Cut to West and Eldon looking down at James as he sits on his bed.

James: I just want some alone time to clear my head. You guys [James gets up from his position and exits the room.] have fun. [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] I can't spend the afternoon hanging out and pretending to have fun. [Zoom in on James' face.] There's no way.

Cut to various shots of Toronto, with "Bicicletta" playing in the background. Establishing shot of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to Riley sitting on a chair, watching Noah and Richelle rehearse their duet. As the duo performs, Riley texts on her phone.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I needed an excuse to not hang out with Alfie [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] So I asked Noah and Richelle to show me their Regionals duet.

Cut to Richelle and Noah dancing.

Noah: [Voice-over.] For someone who wanted to see us dance, [Cut to Noah in Talking Heads.] Riley sure is spending a lot of time on her phone.

Cut to Noah and Richelle dancing, with Riley still on her phone in the background.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I want to talk to anyone except Alfie so [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] I'm sending messages to everyone on my friend's list. [Riley scrolls through her contacts.] Ooh! Haven't talked to her in a while!

Richelle and Noah finish their duet and turn to find Riley texting.

Richelle: Any notes?

Riley: Oh, no! [Cut to Noah and Richelle.] Just do that again.

Noah: [Exchanges look with Richelle.] Uh, if you think it's solid, [Zoom in on Noah.] I'm pretty sure we're good to do it by ourselves then.

Cut to Riley sitting on chair.

Riley: Yeah! No, no. I just wanna see it one more time.

Cut to side view of Noah and Richelle.

Noah: You sure?

Riley: Yeah. [Cut to a baffled Richelle.] Just one more time and [Cut to Riley.] I'll watch.

Cut to Richelle.

Richelle: [Shrugs.] You don't have anything else to be doing? [Cut to Riley.] Maybe taking a break our something?

Riley: No! I think I'm good. [Cut to Noah.] I-I am focused and determined [Cut to Riley.] to stay focused and determined.

Cut to Richelle and Noah. Richelle and Noah exchange looks. Cut to Riley.

Riley: So, one more time! Let's see it.

Noah: Alright.

Noah and Richelle take their starting positions.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I told Alfie [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] That I couldn't hang out with him because I was very busy [Zoom in on Riley's face.] So I need to keep busy.

Cut to James sitting on a bench in London.

James: [Voice-over.] I was hoping that some time alone would help clear my mind [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] But, I can't stop thinking about Riley.

Cut to Ella approaching James as he sits on the bench. Ella sits beside James. James leans back in the bench, then glances at Ella and silently recognizes her. Ella smiles at James, while James regards Ella with terrified shock. Cut to Ella's smiling face.

Ella: James!

Cut to James' shocked face.

James: Ella?

Cut to James and Ella sitting beside each other on the bench.

Ella: What are the odds?

James: [Cut to James in Talking Heads, eyebrows furrowed with confusion.] Ella? Wait a minute. [Zoom in on James' face.] Ella?

Cut to various shots of London. Cut to Ella and James sitting on the bench, Ella regarding James intently.

James: [Eyes cast downward.] So, yeah. I mean, in a nutshell I just saw them kiss.

James shakes his head and Ella turns her head 90 degrees to look at the ground. She sighs.

James: [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] I can't believe it, but I'm actually telling Ella everything that happened with Riley. [Zoom in on James' face.] I must be going crazy.

Cut to Ella regarding James as they remain seated on the bench.

James: Honestly, I'm just... I'm really overwhelmed. I don't really know what to do.

Zoom in on Ella's face.

Ella: I feel really bad for you.

James: It's all good.

Ella: Although, it's like the spit wad paradox.

Zoom in on James' face.

James: What?

Cut to James and Ella sitting across from each other on a bench.

Ella: Your heart break is like to spit wad. [Zoom in on Ella's face.]

Camera zooms in on James' face.

James: Okay, what is a spit wad?

Cut to James and Ella sitting across from each other on the bench.

Ella: You never used to, you know, spit a wad of paper at school at people?. When you used to roll up bits of paper and spit them at them.

Cut to James.

James: Okay, wait. But, what does that have to do with this situation?

Cut to Ella.

Ella: Well, you got two options. You can either let the spit wad hit you or you can take a hard right and let it hit the wall instead.

Cut to James and Ella sitting across from each other on the bench.

James: Okay, let's just back up. The spit wad is like my pain in this situation, then.

Ella: Exactly. You're smarter than you look.

Cut to James and Ella sitting across from each other on the bench.

James: Okay. So then, yeah, obviously, I would take a hard right, then.

Cut to Ella.

Ella: Good choice. So do it.

Cut to James.

James: Okay, how do I do that?

Cut to James and Ella sitting across from each other on the bench.

Ella: You need to remove yourself from this circus of drama and do something else. [Cut to James.] Stop thinking about Riley for a second [James turns his head.] and just clear your mind. [Cut to Ella.] Didn't you say your hear for, uh, a hip-hop competition or something, for example?

Cut to James.

James: Yeah.

Ella: So, maybe, start focusing on that.

James: [Voice-over.] When Ella says I need to focus of Bangers & Mashups [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] and forget about Riley... she's right. [Zoom in on Riley's face.] She's smart. I never thought I'd say that but... [Cut to side view of James and Ella sitting across from each other on the bench.] she's right. S

James: Surprisingly, I think you've brought me to a better place.

Cut to Ella.

Ella: [Smiles.] You've always been my favourite. [Cut to James' confused face.] And I can hazard a guess that, in the end, you'll get Riley.

James: [Confused.] You just told me to stop thinking about her.

Cut to James and Ella sitting across from each other on the bench.

Ella: I know. [Laughs. Rises from seat.] Bye.

Ella departs and James looks on after Ella, vaguely amused but still shaking his head. Cut to James's profile.

James: [Voice-over.] Don't get be wrong, I'm grateful for the advice. [Cut to James in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] But I don't think I'll actually ever understand Ella.

Establishing shot of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to Sloane dancing before a mirror in the Rehearsal Room as "You Got the Best of Me" plays. As Sloane dances, LaTroy is seen entering the room from the mirror's view, but remains unnoticed by Sloane. LaTroy watches Sloane dance.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] Amy doesn't really understand [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] The stuff that happens with me and my dad [Zoom in on LaTroy's face.] But... there is one person who would.

Cut to Sloane dancing before the mirror, with LaTroy watching in the background. Sloane finally notices LaTroy and turns around.

Sloane: Oh. [Sloane tucks a lock of hair behind her ear.] Hey.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: Hey, Sloane.

Sloane and LaTroy hug. Moments later, the two pull away from each other. Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: It's good to see you back.

Cut to LaTroy

LaTroy: Listen, I gotta talk to you about something.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: What? [Cut to Sloane in Talking Heads.] Even though LaTroy and I haven't hung out in a long time, I can tell by the look on his face that he has a problem [Zoom in on Sloane's face.] and I also know what that probably likely is.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: My dad.

Sloane: How did it go with him? [Cut to Sloane.] I'm guessing same old, same old?

LaTroy: Actually. [Cut to LaTroy.] Worse.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: What happened?

LaTroy: So [Cut to both standing facing each other.] spending time with him at the farmhouse was the best time I've ever had in my life.

Cut to Sloane, who nods.

Sloane: [Whispers.] Okay.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: At first. But then, when the rentals were done, he just told me to go back to my mom's and he didn't even give me money for bus fare.

Cut to Sloane's shocked face.

Sloane: Ugh... I'm... I'm sorry to hear that.

LaTroy: You know... I was just... [Cut to LaTroy.] 'cause we were getting along so well and I thought that, you know, maybe he's finally changed. [Cut to Sloane.] I've been doing a lot of thinking about my dad lately and the type of father he is. [Cut to LaTroy.] I just... I just don't understand why he won't just show some interest in me and just be there for me!

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: [Sympathetic.] I don't think you can change people. They are who they are.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: So what am I supposed to do?

Sloane: Well you can either [Cut to Sloane.] accept him for who he is and all his flaws or cut him out of your life. [Cut to LaTroy, who shakes his head, then back to Sloane.] But, either way, I think it's really time for you to have a relationship with your dad on your terms, not his.

Cut to LaTroy, who ponders sullenly.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] Sloane's been telling me to change things with my dad for a long time now [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] And you know what? I think I'm finally grown up enough to hear what she's been telling me all these years.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: I think you're right.

Cut to Sloane who pretends to be confused.

Sloane: [Jokingly.] Wait, what? [Cut to LaTroy who rolls his eyes.] Did you... did I hear... I'm not sure if I heard well.

LaTroy: There she goes.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: [Smiling deviously.] Did you say I'm right?

Cut LaTroy, who looks away from Sloane.

LaTroy: Alright. Get it all out.

Cut to Sloane, then back to LaTroy.

Sloane: [Laughs.] Did you know, wait, what? I think I need to hear it again. [Sloane tilts her ear toward LaTroy, smiling.]

LaTroy: You're right.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: Oh my gosh! [Sloane places the back of her palm on her forehead exaggeratedly.] I feel faint. Catch me.

Sloane jokingly falls onto LaTroy, who catches her. Sloane laughs.

LaTroy: Oh my gosh. Yep. Overly dramatic. [Cut to LaTroy.] Like always.

Sloane: [Laughs.] I'm kidding. [LaTroy smiles. Cut to Sloane standing across from LaTroy.] Good to have you back.

Sloane and LaTroy hug and pulls away moments later. Cut to Michelle sitting in the Lounge, picking up cantaloupe in a container with a fork. Alfie enters the room.

Alfie: Hey!

Michelle turns her head to regard Alfie.

Michelle: Hey!

Alfie: Do you have a minute?

Michelle: Yeah, what's up?

Alfie takes a seat across from Michelle. Camera zooms in on his face.

Alfie: Uh. Is anything weird going on with Riley?

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: [Michelle shakes her head and lifts her bottom lip. She shrugs.] She's not weirder than usual. Why?

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: She just seemed a little distracted after our date–

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: –Which I heard was amazing. She said she had so much fun.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: [Expression turning from worried to pleasantly surprised.] Oh!

Michelle: [Cut to Michelle in Talking Heads.] Riley told me that her date with Alfie was, [Zoom in on Michelle's face.] well, terrible. But it's not really my place to say anything if Riley's hasn't.

Cut to Michelle and Alfie sitting across from each other.

Alfie: It's just that,ever since, it's been tough to find time to get back together. You know? [Cut to Alfie.] And she just always seems so busy.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: She has been very busy with Regionals coming up. Probably just that.

Cut to Michelle and Alfie sitting across from each other.

Alfie: I-I-I just worry... I just worry that she's making excuses.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: [Feigning disbelief.] Oh, no no. She wouldn't do that. [Smiles reassuringly.] Last I heard, she's crazy about you.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: [Smiles, but remains dejected.] That's-that's what I thought. [Cast eyes toward the ground.] Just lately, things feel different.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: [Smile falters.] I-I'm sure it's nothing.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: [Still dejected.] I hope you're right. [Smiles tensely.]

Cut to Michelle and Alfie sitting across from each other. Alfie places a hand on the table.

Alfie: Thanks for the talk.

Alfie rises from his seat.

Michelle: No problem.

Alfie exits the room. Michelle resumes concentrating on her cantaloupe.

Michelle: [Cut to Michelle in Talking Heads.] Riley's love life has been pretty dramatic lately. Maybe I should find out what's really going on.

Establishing shot of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to Sloane and LaTroy performing a duet to "Control" in the Rehearsal Room.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] When you spend time, you know, [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] You get time to think. And I thought about a lot.

Cut to LaTroy and Sloane dancing.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] When I was away, I missed this place so much. [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] But what I missed most was... being friends with Sloane.

Cut to LaTroy and Sloane dancing.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] Now that Sloane and I are back, I don't want anything to tear us apart again. Ever again.

Sloane and LaTroy approach each other. As the song ends, Sloane spins around and ends with the dance with her hand on LaTroy's chest. LaTroy takes Sloane's hand. The two breathe heavily as they try to catch their breath.

Sloane: You're gonna do the right thing.

LaTroy: I know. I'm gonna... I'm gonna go make the call right now.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: [Sloane places a lock of hair behind her ear.] Good luck.

Cut to LaTroy, exiting to room.

LaTroy: Thanks.

LaTroy takes one last looks at Sloane, then exits the room. Sloane looks on after him, smiling to herself.

Sloane: [Voice-over.] My feelings for LaTroy won't just go away, [Cut to Sloane in Talking Heads.] but, I can put them aside because I don't want to jeopardize our friendship ever again.

Cut to white walls scene with Sloane and LaTroy dancing together. Cut to Riley reading a magazine in her office, with her feet up on her desk. Alfie enters the office with a brown paper bag in hand.

Alfie: Hey!

Riley takes her feet of her desk and scrambles to discard her magazine and pretend to be occupied.

Riley: Hey!

Alfie: Because you're so busy, I figured I'd bring some sandwiches [Alfie places bag on desk. Cut to Alfie with hands on desk.] and we could have a quick lunch in your office. [Smiles.]

Cut to Riley.

Riley: Oh, that's so sweet. Um, but I'm actually not that hungry. Um... plus, I have to [Cut to Alfie regarding Riley at her desk.] rehearse Michelle's solo and then, after that, I have some other things... [Riley pats file for emphasis.] to do.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: What's really going on? Did I do something wrong?

Riley: No. No, no, no. You're perfect. [Cut to Riley.] It's just.. you know, the studio i-is crazy. I have to... I have a lot of stuff to do.

Cut to Alfie.

Alfie: Well, is there anything I can do?

Cut to Riley regarding Alfie as Michelle enters the office.

Riley: Honestly, I think... I think... the only thing that I need right now is just to be left alone. [Cut to Riley.] So I can handle everything.

Alfie: [Voice-over.] Riley is totally brushing me off... [Cut to Alfie in Talking Heads.] I can't believe this is happening.

Alfie backs away toward doorway.

Alfie: Ciao for now.

Cut to profile of Riley, her face guilty. Cut to frontal view of Riley.

Riley: Wait! You forgot your food!

Cut to Alfie, who turns to face Riley.

Alfie: You can... [Alfie gestures behind Riley.] share it with Michelle.

Riley whips her head around and regards an expressionless Michelle standing in the doorway. Cut to Riley.

Riley: Hello.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: Hello. Riley.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: Michelle.

Michelle enters the office.

Michelle: I know you're not that busy.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: [Scoffs.] I am... very busy. [Cut to Michelle regarding Riley across from her.] I have... lots of things to do. You have no idea how... how much it takes to be studio head. [Cut to Riley.] It is a lot of pressure, a lot of work, and it's non-stop.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: You think I don't understand, but I actually do. [Cut to Michelle in Talking Heads.] No one has had more relationship drama than me. I can tell when there's trouble in paradise.

Cut to Michelle regarding Riley.

Riley: Okay, fine. [Cut to Riley.] I'm avoiding Alfie. But I don't know why! I just... don't want to spend time with him.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: What changed?

Riley: I don't know. [Cut to Riley.] It's not Alfie, he's a great guy. There's nothing wrong with him.

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: I can think of one big thing that's wrong with him.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: What?

Cut to Michelle.

Michelle: He's not James.

Cut to Riley, who is dumbfounded. Camera zooms in on Riley's face.

Riley: [Voice-over.] I don't know what upsets me more. The fact that Michelle just said that [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] or that she might be right.

Establishing shot of The Next Step Dance Studio. Cut to Sloane sitting on a couch in the Lounge.

Sloane: [Voice-over.] I'm just waiting LaTroy. [Cut to Sloane in Talking Heads.] I'm dying to know how the phone call with his dad went.

Cut to LaTroy entering the room. Sloane hurriedly rises.

Sloane: So, are you okay? What happened?

LaTroy: I decided not to make the call. [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads.] Right now, my relationship with my dad is just like a one way street. [Zoom in on LaTroy's face.] I'm always there when he needs me, but he's never there when I need him.

Cut to LaTroy and Sloane standing across from each other.

LaTroy: Yeah, I think I'm going to take a break from my dad for a little bit. [Cut to LaTroy.] I'm tired of focusing on the people who don't really love me and I think it's time to start focusing on the people who really do.

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: [Smiles.] I think that's great.

LaTroy: Sloane. [Cut to Sloane and LaTroy standing across from each other.] I wanna thank you.

Sloane: Yeah, no worries. It's all good–

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: No, not just for today. [Cut to Sloane.] For always.

Sloane: That's what friends are for, right?

Sloane and LaTroy hug. As they hug, both parties look up in thought. Sloane and LaTroy pull apart slowly.

LaTroy: Um... yeah, I promised Amy that I would take her out for dinner tonight so...

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: Yeah, go. Go. It's all good.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: Alright. [LaTroy begins to leave, but stops in the doorway.] And um...

Cut to Sloane.

Sloane: [Smiles.] Anytime.

Cut to LaTroy.

LaTroy: Alright.

LaTroy exits the room. Sloane quickly casts her eyes to the ground.

Sloane: [Voice-over.] I promised myself that when LaTroy got back [Cut to Sloane in Talking Heads.] I wouldn't let my feelings interfere with our friendship. [Zoom in on Sloane's face.] It wasn't easy, but I think I passed the test.

Establishing exterior shot hotel of Eldon, West, and James' hotel.

West: Eldon, put on your tie.

Cut to Eldon.

Eldon: I'm not putting that tie on.

Tie in hand, West approaches Eldon, who immediately goes on the defense.

West: Eldon, put on your tie.

West advances, but Eldon dodges and runs to the bed.

Eldon: [Cut to Eldon in Talking Heads.] That is so not going to happen.

West: [Cut to West in Talking Heads.] I've been trying to get Eldon dressed for hours. Hours! [Zoom in on West's face.] At this point, I don't even care about the Abbey. It's the principle of the thing.

West and Eldon continue to run around.

West: Hey! I'll attack you if I have to! Put on your tie. [West touches Eldon.]

Eldon: [Wags finger at West.] Don't touch me!

West: You gotta put on your tie.

Eldon: [Wags finger at West.] Don't touch me!

James enters the hotel room.

James: Yo, you guys didn't even make it out the door?

Cut to West and Eldon.

West: I am not letting Eldon [Zoom out to West, Eldon and James.] go to my Abbey without putting on this tie. [West angrily hands the tie to Eldon.]

Cut to Eldon.

Eldon: I don't wanna go to the stupid Abbey.

West: [Points finger at Eldon.] Hey, you take that back!

Cut to James smiling bemusedly.

West: My Abbey is not stupid.

James laughs.

James: [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] There is one thing in my life that never changes. [Cut to Eldon and West.] It's these knuckleheads.

Eldon laughs as West looks on in frustration.

West: You guys laughing? [Camera zooms out to Eldon, West, and James.] What were you up to anyways?

James: I was just chilling, man. Sat down on a park bench... [Cut to James.] Oh, I met up with Ella.

West: Hold on. [Cut to Eldon, West, and James.] Ella? Ella Ella?

Cut to James. James nods.

Eldon: Like, like, like [Cut to Eldon.] British Ella?

James: Yes, like, Ella. [Cut to James.] The one who can kick a football, like, a mile.

Cut to Eldon and West, then back to James.

James: Okay. Don't act like you two didn't send her to talk to me.

Cut to West and Eldon.

West: I didn't talk to Ella.

Eldon: I didn't talk to her either.

Cut to James.

Eldon: [Voice-over.] James and Ella don't [Cut to Eldon in Talking Heads.] exactly get along. [Zoom in on Eldon's face.] Honestly, I'm just really confused.

Cut to James, West, Eldon.

James: You're telling me that it just so happens that Ella sits down next to me on the same park bench in one of the biggest cities in the world? [Cut to Eldon and West.] That's ridiculous.

West: No, I don't think that's ridiculous. I think that's fate.

Cut to James.

Eldon: Or, someone else [Cut to West and Eldon.] put her up to it.

Cut to James.

James: [Voice-over.] I don't know [Cut to James in Talking Heads.] why I ran into Ella today, but I'm glad I did. Destiny or whoever, [Cut to Ella on her phone outside in London.] I just wanna say thanks.

Ella dials a number into her phone, places her phone next to her ear and smiles. Back in Riley's office, Riley hears her phone buzz. Riley picks up the phone.

Riley: [Smiles.] Ella!

Cut to Ella.

Ella: Hi, Riley!

Riley: Hey! How's James doing? [Cut to Riley in Talking Heads.] Ella and I have been catching up and she offered to check in on James.

Cut to Ella from afar.

Ella: He's struggling at the moment, but I think he'll be fine in the long run. [Cut to Ella's profile.] I tried to sort him out.

Cut to Riley.

Ella: I'm really glad you reached out to me. I feel really bad about what happened at Internationals and I regret losing you as a friend.

Riley: I appreciate that.

Cut to Ella.

Ella: You should come to London some time.

Riley: Well. [Cut to Riley, who gets up from her seat..] Things are are a little too busy with the run up to Regionals right now but, maybe when things settle down. [Riley moves to stand in front of her desk.]

Ella: I'll hold you to that. Oh, and Riley?

Riley: Yeah?

Cut to Ella.

Ella: It's obvious that he still loves you.

Cut to Riley.

Riley: [Shocked.] Oh! Okay, thanks.

Ella: Bye, Riley.

Riley ends the call and puts down the phone. She looks up, her face conflicted.

Riley: I still love him too.