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Jake is a former member of B-Troupe.


Before the show

Jake used to go to the same studio as Morgan and Cass.[1] His team presumably went to Regionals. He posted dance videos online to showcase his talent.[2]

Season 2

Jake auditions for A-Troupe[2] and although he makes it to the choreography round,[1] he does not make the team.[3]

Season 3

Jake auditions for A-Troupe once more when Chloe leaves the studio. He does not make it.[4]

He performs a duet with Cierra upon Phoebe's request.[5]

Season 4

Jake auditions for A-Troupe, but does not make it.[6] Jake had left The Next Step Dance Studio


Jake is determined and has a will to succeed, presented through the number of times that he auditions for A-Troupe. He has also said that he transferred to The Next Step for bigger and better things.[7]

Physical appearance

Jake has dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes. He is considerably tall.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Group dances


Group dances


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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