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After attending a CPR class, James earns a first aid certificate.


When Kate needs someone to learn CPR for Absolute Dance Nationals, Riley volunteers James, telling him he can trade it for #7 on her list. James agrees, providing Riley does the class with him.

Despite having a nightmarish instructor named Mr. Abernathy, being partnered with — and, at one point, being kissed by — an elderly lady called Dorothy, and Riley having to leave because Emily has sent an "S.N.S." (Sister Needs Sister) text,[1] James is successful in learning CPR and getting his first aid certificate.

James arrives at Studio A with his first aid certificate, but hears the news that The Next Step will not be able to go to Nationals, as Amanda's departure back to Elite means they only have nine dancers. Having gone to all that trouble, not to mention having to put up with Mr. Abernathy, possibly for nothing, James crumples the certificate into a ball and throws it.

The crumpled certificate is last seen hitting James when Giselle throws it back at him after it has hit her on the back of her shoulder.[2]


The first aid certificate is a piece of white A4-sized paper featuring a blue border and a red seal, but the text it contains is never shown in detail on-screen.


  • Bearing in mind that learning CPR was a requirement of Nationals, it can only be assumed that James managed to get another copy of his first aid certificate, although this is never confirmed on-screen.


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