West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

When I see that I made it into A-Troupe, I'm not really that surprised.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

I think she still has a little thing for me but, I've moved on.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

I'm doing math homework simply 'cause I'm doing pretty bad in math, but that's on the down low.

— "Everybody Dance Now"

What's with the little number on top of the other number? [...] Ex-po-nent?

— to Eldon , "Everybody Dance Now"

But, what if it's a letter to the power of two? What? Why is there a letter?

— to Eldon , "Everybody Dance Now"

Hey, I got you something. [...] It's from the top of a mountain [...] Like the top of a mountain. Like rocky mountains.

— to Riley, "Rock and a Hard Place"

Yo, let's go to the beach.

— to the rest of A-Troupe , "Steal My Sunshine"

Man, you can't actually fish with that.

— to West, "Steal My Sunshine"

[I call that] a three-year-old's toy.

James , to West

They're brutal! You know they are!

— to Riley , "Steal My Sunshine"

I have no idea [how many grains of salt are in your hand].

— to West , "Steal My Sunshine"

Sand can melt?

— to West , "Steal My Sunshine"

When Michelle says 'do what we do best,' I'm kinda confused. What, are we gonna start drama to get the metal detector?

— "Steal My Sunshine"

Riley's got some kind of kryptonite or somethin' and I dig it.

— "Love Story"

Look at him. It's obvious. You've broken his heart too many times.

— to Emily , "Love Story"

It's Brighter Brightest, not Dimmer Dimmest.

— to Emily, "Video Killed the Radio Star"

I've just had enough.

— "Video Killed the Radio Star"

I'm down to get out of this rehearsal.

— "Video Killed the Radio Star"

I kinda make animal noises when I'm under stress. I always have, like, since I was a little boy. This month is a cow.

— to Kate, "Video Killed the Radio Star"

Hey, yo Beth! You're not my girlfriend.

— "Road to Joy"

Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.

— "Road to Joy"

You work that hair, girl! Work that hair, Mary!

— to Mary, "Road to Joy"

SOHCAH what? [...] Man, I'm not on that Chinese stuff.

— to Daniel, "Help"

Season 2

Yeah, that included a 5 dollar tip... from my mom.

— "Work It"

Listen: any 'Eldon' should battle 'any' 'Jorge' to get any 'Michelle'.

— to Eldon, "The Girl is Mine"

Maybe he hypnotized you.

— to Eldon about Hunter, "It Takes Two"

Yo, I kissed Beth, bro... and Riley saw.

— to Eldon and West, "What'll I Do"

You have to realize that with Beth there has never been anything. It's always been you.

— to Riley, "What'll I Do"

Oh yeah, the spot [of the coolest dancer in the studio]'s already taken. Sorry about that.

— to Josh, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

You know who it is, you know what to do.

— in his voicemail message, "Time to Move On"

The kid’s amazing at singing, what’s the problem?

— "Sing"

Okay, Beth. Let's see what you got.

— to Beth, "Sing"

Thalia is actually pretty good. I mean, she can sing, but she's so weird! Like, she's lying on the floor.

— "Sing"

I would like the singer of our band to be standing up while they're singing.

— "Sing"

What kinda crazy world am I living in?

— "Sing"

Riley, what happened to us? I thought we had everything.

— "Hazy Shade of Winter"

I'm going to get you back.

— to Riley, "Game On"

Put anything you want on it, and I will do it.

— "Make a Plan to Love Me"

'Dear diary, I hate Kelsey. Today I was playing with my new doll and I got if for my birthday from my mommy. I put her down to talk to Laura, but when I came back, Kelsey took the doll and was putting it next to her doll. But her doll was gross and it had mud on it. I told Kelsey to give it back. She said 'No way, José.' So I started to cry. I don't know why I'm so silly sometimes. I ran out of the bathroom and hit Bobby G. Bobby's so cute.'

— reading Riley's Diary, "Make a Plan to Love Me"

Let me make this as clear as possible. I love Riley.

— to Beth, "Heartbreaker"

I've decided to do the task that scares me the most.

— to Riley, "Hello Trouble"

Is it even legal that we're doing mouth to mouth in a class like this?

— "Under Pressure"

It's not working. And I'm worried about it never working again.

— about his relationship with Riley, "Water It"

Season 3

Sweet! That means I can drop some of my Spanish there. Tu ves patata.

Coming Home?

Miami, baby!

— to Riley, "Game, Set, and Match"

You know what? They know what they have to do.

— about Eldon and Hunter having to battle each other, "Let the Games Begin"

Honestly... I don't know if we'll be okay.

— about himself and Riley, "The Fallout"

I might not even recognize you. You know what you should do? You come out with a little name tag that says, like, 'Hello, my name is Riley.'

— to Riley , "Your New Beginning"

I'm playing with you. Look at you, look how beautiful you look.

— to Riley , "Your New Beginning"

It's corn on the cob. [...] Uh... it's the most romantic.

— to Eldon , "Your New Beginning"

My lapels look like slices of pizza!

— to Enzo, "I'm Your Captain"

If it's invisible, you can't see them!

— to Eldon, " Mixed Messages"

Listen, I don't like you, nor do I trust you.

— to Ella, " Mixed Messages"

I don't like Ella because she keeps trying to change Riley.

— " Mixed Messages"

Maybe we should walk a mile in each other's shoes.

— to Riley, "Never There"

Riley wasn't the reason why I quit the band. She just made me realise that that was something I needed to do.

— "Never There"

I'm gonna be a better Riley than Riley.

— "Never There"

Who does she think she is, me?

— "Never There"

Whatever it was, she just challenge us.

— to West, "Cry Me a River"

Don't ever, ever, try and prank a pranker.

— to Riley and Ella, "It's My Party"

I didn't know I was gonna have to schedule Riley time. You know I don't like to schedule.

— "Welcome to Miami"

Eldon, we have been to a hundred different restaurants. Can you please just choose one already?

— to Eldon, "Welcome to Miami"

Any place would have worked. The first place would have worked, second place would have worked, the ninth place would have worked. It doesn't matter where you go, man. It's who you're with.

— "Welcome to Miami"

I have endured many very, very angry text messages from Riley. So, you know what? I'm actually done with this and I'm gonna go deal with that because she is right in there. But, hey bud, we had a great day.

— to Eldon, "Welcome to Miami"

Bro, if I... if I die... tell Riley I love her.

— "Lost at Sea"

I got you something. [...] It's from the top of a mountain.

— to Riley, "How It Ends"

Riley, things are gonna change. But we can't be mad at that. I mean, maybe it's for the better.

— to Riley, "How It Ends"

What are the chances of it becoming an exact tie?

— "How It Ends"

Riley, let's just make it the best dance ever then.

— to Riley, "How It Ends"

All I know is... we just have to make this one count.

— "How It Ends"

Season 4

Winning Internationals. Me and Riley. Nothing can top that.

— "One More Time"

But it's time to move on. I'm in a band now and that's my future.

— "One More Time"

What is my sister doing here? Piper is not ready for The Next Step.

— "One More Time"

Thank you. 'Kay, now do you need some help getting home? I got, like, a bus ticket—

— to Piper , "Stir It Up"

Close your eyes. Alright, focus on your heart. What does your heart want? [...] No, no no no no no. Deeper than that. Go down, take a right... Studio A, there's A-Troupe. Do you wanna be on A-Troupe?

— to Eldon , "Stir It Up"

There's an app for that.

— to Riley, "Walk This Way"

Me and Riley will always be together.

— "Walk This Way"


— to Riley, "Runaway"

Yeah, I'm not wearing a neck pillow.

— to West, "Runaway"

I don't actually know you people...

— to West and Eldon, "Runaway"

Eldon just drank out of the bidet!

— "Runaway"

Ah... you're cute.

— to Riley, "On the Rocks"

I love you.

— to Riley, "On the Rocks"

Eldon is trying to get this Beefeater to laugh, right? And they're not supposed to laugh; they're supposed to stay straight, can't even make a noise, and he actually made him laugh. So they fired him! [...] Three Beefeaters started dragging this guy out of the palace. And he didn't even make a noise, he was doing his job 'til, like, the end. [...] It's kind of inspiring actually.

— to Riley, "I Can't Go for That"

Riley's been really stressed at the studio lately. She deserves a fun night out!

— "I Can't Go for That"

You look beautiful in your dress.

— to Riley, "I Can't Go for That"

It's gonna take forever.

— to Eldon , "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

'Are you in London?' Delete that. [...] Delete it. [...] West, there is not enough chocolate in the world right now for this text message. Okay? Just-just delete it.

— "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

Yes. Yes, I told him to delete it okay? Because Thalia is in Poland with some Tekbar guy. [...] Sorry. Bartek. Regardless, they're in Poland, probably feeding each other Polish food right now on a date. I'm sorry, you wanted honesty? Let's be real, okay. You need to move on.

— to Eldon , "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

I don't know why Eldon's so stressed out about his phone. He loses things all the time: lucky coin, girlfriends. Seriously, he should be used to it by now.

— "Nobody's Fault but Mine"

Here we are at the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Competition in London. There are 40 teams competing in this first challenge of one v. one battles and if you lose, you go home. And we did not come this far to go straight back home! We've never seen a competition like this and I am psyched.

— "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

It's not a game, it's psychological warfare. Practice on me right now. Yo, what is this? What is that?

— to West, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

Why did I think West could smack talk? He can barely talk talk.

— "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

The vibe of Bangers & Mashups is insane. Super street, super cool. These guys look unreal.

— "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

I just feel like, you know, all those things like time, distance... doesn't really apply to us.

— to Riley, "Your Time Is Gonna Come"

Yo, this is James. I'm not here, but don't even worry about it.

— voicemail message, "Heat of the Moment"

I'm good. I'm just missing a girl back home.

— to a stranger, "Heat of the Moment"

My mom told me [Piper]'s, like, super moody. Like, when she comes home, she'll go straight to her room... and she mentioned one time that she walked into the bathroom and caught her, like, crying.

— to Riley, "Kiss and Tell"

What's going on? Is someone being mean to you? [...] Can you talk to someone about this? Like Riley?

— to Piper, "Rumour Has It"

Let's talk, face to face.

— to Riley, "Here Comes Your Man"

It's him.

— "Tainted Love"

People make mistakes. It's human.

— to "Riley", "A Fool in Love"

Everything that we've built, everything that we are... she's just throwing it away.

— "A Fool in Love"

Goodbye, Riley.

— to Riley, "Karma Police"

There's not a small part of me that still cares about you. All of me cares about you.

— to Riley, "Danger Zone"

Listen, I don't like you, and you don't like me.

— to Alfie, "Rivalry"

Ella?! Wait a minute. Ella?!

— "It Ain't Easy"

I have nothing left.

— "Bold As Love"

What are you doing here?

— to Riley, "Bold As Love"

We need to to talk.

— to Alfie, "Livin' on a Prayer"