"James & Piper Duet" is a deleted scene from "Danger Zone." It was released on December 2, 2016.


In an attempt to cheer up, James and Piper dance together upon Piper's suggestion.


James waits in The Rehearsal Room for Piper, as she asked him to meet her there. Piper enters and tells James that she knows both of them are at a low point, although James assures Piper that she doesn't need to be stressed on his behalf. Piper explains that she is stressed because of the qualifier since she got kicked off the duet and the state of the dance is unknown; James implores Piper not to be worried about it. James is about to leave when Piper tells him they need to dance out their feelings like they did when they were little, which she calls a "sis-bro boogie." Piper reveals that she learned Luther Brown's "Never Get Lost" choreography and wants to it with him, to which James begrudgingly agrees. Piper begins dancing and, soon, James joins her. James confesses that while he is dancing it almost feels like he has forgotten everything bad that is happening to him. When they finish, James thanks Piper. As James leaves, Piper tells him she loves him and he refrains the words to her. James confesses that if that was his last dance at The Next Step, he's glad it was with Piper.






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