Jesse is an American tour guide and boat captain of the Everglades. Despite residing in Florida, he has a south-western accent, hinting that he is not from Florida.


Season 3

Jesse guides West, Eldon, and James through the Everglades. Jesse tells the boys of the story behind Coco Plum Island where its namesake, Coco Plum was the lone survivor of the Night of the Horror of the Alligators.[1]

Incidentally, his boat malfunctions soon after. Jesse takes a two hour hike to another island to get supplies, and orders the boys to stay put. He grows irate when he returns and the boys have vanished, and after mindless searching, he finally finds them. Off-screen, he presumably fixes the boat and safely gets the boys back to shore.[1]


Jesse is a strange man of few words.

Physical appearance

Jesse is a sunburnt, bespectacled man with sparse blond hair. He is quite gangly. He has strikingly large, pointed ears and a receded hairline.

Jesse sports a pair of sneakers as well as an olive green jumper with an American flag emblem, his name, and his title, on it for the entirety of his appearance.


Season 3


  • It is possible that Jesse isn't a human, as he disappears in the blink of an eye when he departs to get supplies.[1]


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