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Jordan Clark (born December 29, 1991) portrays Giselle and Fairy on The Next Step; and also reprised her role of Giselle for the spin-off show Lost & Found Music Studios.


Jordan was born in Tottenham, Ontario and is of Irish descent.[Reference needed]

She has been dancing since the age of five, having graduated from Vlad's Dance Academy in Richmond Hill, Ontario where she trained in tap, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, and acro.[2][3] Jordan's favourite dance styles are contemporary and hip-hop.[4]


In 2011, Jordan won So You Think You Can Dance Canada.[5]

Jordan has also appeared in movies such as Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure, Frenemies, and Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars.[6][2]

She was a dancer in Kelly Clarkson's music video "Invincible."[7]

She co-choreographed a dance with Victoria Baldesarra in Season 6.[8]

More recently, Jordan has appeared as school teacher/gymnastics coach Miss Allister in the gymnastics drama show My Perfect Landing, also created by Frank van Keeken, the creator of The Next Step.[9]

Personal life

Jordan has two older sisters, a younger sister and a younger brother.[10]

Jordan has a dog named Tuxi.[2]


  • Jordan's favourite colour is baby blue.[11]
  • Her favourite movie is The Notebook.[11]
  • Jordan's favourite childhood show is Boy Meets World.[11]
  • Her favourite music artists are Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.[2]
  • Jordan's favourite sport other than dance is hockey.[2]
  • One of her best friends is Isaac Lupien.[12]
  • Jordan's favourite food is apples.[13]


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