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Juilliard is a highly prestigious academy for the arts, described by Daniel as the best in the world. It is a possible parody of the real-life school of the same name, situated in New York City.


Juilliard is said to be one of, if not, the best school(s) in the world for the arts, especially that of dance. According to Daniel, if one graduates from the school they are practically guaranteed a career in dance, as it is such a hard school to get into.

At the after-party on the second day of Absolute Dance Nationals, Daniel is approached by Sergei, the head of Juilliard. Having seen his previous dance performance, he gives Daniel his calling card, as he wishes for Daniel to audition: an amazing opportunity that Daniel had wished for since he was a youngster. Unfortunately, Daniel allegedly bombs his performance, and is not accepted into the school.[1]


  • Sergei (head of dance department)



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