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Michelle , to Eldon

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"Just the Two of Us" is the 8th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 8th episode overall. It aired on April 26, 2013.


Eldon struggles to choose between Emily and Michelle as his partner for his performance.


Kate chris season 1 jttou

Chris lifts Kate.

Kate reminds A-Troupe that they will perform their duets the following day. As inspiration, Kate and Chris perform a duet that everyone is astounded by, especially since they are "old people".

Michelle approaches Eldon so that they can practice their duet, as well as does Emily afterwards, since they are both technically his partner. Chloe then asks Eldon to be her partner, but he turns her down, overwhelmed.

Eldon james west season 1 jttou

Eldon asks James and West whether he should keep Emily or Michelle as a duet partner.

Eldon approaches James and West and asks them what do do, as both Michelle and Emily are his partners. James tells Eldon to go for Emily as he knows the ladies because he has three sisters, but West thinks his partner should be whomever asked him first, which is Michelle. Eldon decides to keep both of them for the time being.

Stephanie beckons West so that they can practice their duet. West finds her extremely bossy and is tired of her attitude. Emily enters Studio A and tells Eldon that she has been waiting for him in Studio B. He tells her he will join him, but as she departs, Michelle asks him where he is going. He tells her he will be back in five minutes, making her suspicious. Eventually, Eldon lies to Emily that he needs to go to washroom and leaves to practice with Michelle. Meanwhile, Stephanie continues to boss West around.

Emily season 1 jttou

Emily looks on in annoyance at Eldon' departing figure.

While practicing with Michelle, Eldon lies that he needs to go to the washroom again, but really, returns to Emily. Upon seeing him, Emily confesses that she does not like working with him as he is disoriented and absent. Eldon leaves again and admits that he is overwhelmed. A frustrated Michelle finally asks him what is going on and Eldon comes clean. Michelle asserts that since she asked him first, they will remain partners.

James and Riley are further persuaded that Michelle should be Dance Captain as they watch her stand up to Eldon. Michelle, thinking that this was a means of Emily trying to kick her out of the studio, confronts Emily. She tells her to leave Eldon out of their feud and Emily denies having anything to do with it. An argument ensues and Emily accuses Michelle of having a crush on Eldon once again. Emily tells Michelle that Eldon will be her partner, as she is Dance Captain and he is the best dancer in the studio, and then confesses that according to rule #44, an E-Girl always gets what they want.

Stephanie west season 1 jttou

Stephanie and West compromise.

West is reading a magazine when Stephanie tells him they need to practice. Fed up with her attitude, West says that he doesn't think they can be partners because she is bossy and doesn't make him want to dance. Stephanie fears that she won't have a duet partner, so she eventually allows West to do a flip if it means that she can be a little bossy. Once they compromise, they return to the studio to practice. Meanwhile, Chloe is saddened seeing everybody practicing because she still doesn't have a partner. Stephanie pulls Kate aside and tells her she wants to be a triple-threat and Kate assures her that she will assist her.

Michelle eldon emily season 1 jttou

Michelle and Emily argue over Eldon.

James asks Eldon why he is so down just as Emily and Michelle simultaneously storm in. They both tell him that he'd better pick them respectively, leaving him in even more of a predicament. Riley urges James to help him out and James offers him "genius" advice.

It is time for the duets to be performed. Eldon volunteers to go first and as opposed to picking Michelle or Emily, he picks Chloe. West and Stephanie perform next and West admits that he now sees the good in Stephanie as opposed to the wall she puts up, and Stephanie says that he isn't that bad. Riley and James perform and Riley confesses that they have chemistry and that she is finding a new likeness to him. Then, Tiffany and Daniel dance. Finally, Emily and Michelle are the only two dancers left. They say they are not prepared, upsetting Kate and Chris. Chris tells them to make something up on the spot and the "duet" goes catastrophically. In Talking Heads, Emily says that if they want to win Regionals, Michelle has to go.


  • James allegedly has three sisters.
  • E-Girl rule number #44 is: An E-Girl always gets what she wants.
  • Chloe can dance en pointe.



  • Stephanie breaks E-Girl rule #71, as she calls West's name before he says hers.
  • Michelle says that Eldon left five times, but when Eldon entered Studio A, James claimed that it was Round 2, thus implying that it was the second time that he was meeting to dance with Michelle.

Cultural references

  • The title of the episode is identical to a song by Grover Washington Jr and Bill Withers.




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