"Karma Police" is the 26th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 120th episode overall. It aired on November 25, 2016.


"Emily shows up to help Riley get The Next Step to Regionals. Emily tries to get to the bottom of the problem with the Qualifier duet."[1]


Riley emily season 4 kp 2

Emily tells Riley that whatever she says goes.

Riley and Emily finish hugging. Emily confesses that she was notified that Riley is having a hard time and that she has arrived to get her back on track. Riley wonders what Emily is doing there, as she is enrolled in university and Riley did not notify her of her problems. Emily assures Riley that she is there to ensure that A-Troupe gets to Regionals. Riley hurriedly tells Emily about her situation with James and Alfie, although Emily tells Riley that she has more important things to focus on. Knowing that Riley is not in the right frame of mind, Emily tells Riley that whatever she says goes, which Riley begrudgingly agrees to.

Piper season 4 kp

Piper confesses that doing the duet with Alfie is impossible.

Noah enters Studio A hand-in-hand with Amanda. His fellow dancers quickly welcome him back. Soon after the reconciliation, Riley and Emily enter the studio. After Emily gets the troupe's attention, Riley introduces Emily. Riley asserts that they need to focus on Regionals, which Richelle objects to since they haven't yet qualified. Emily reminds Richelle that the teams who have qualified have already started preparing for Regionals and professes that, if they do not follow suit, they will be left behind. Richelle asks when preparations will begin, and Riley proclaims that she has picked who is going to be in each routine. Riley assigns the female solo to Michelle; the four person routine to Cassie, Piper, Sloane, and Skylar; the trio to Amy, Amanda, and Michelle; the duet to Noah and Richelle; and the small group to Alfie, Noah, Henry, Sloane, and Skylar. Emily tells Alfie and Piper to focus on their qualifier duet rather than their Regionals routine, which Piper confesses will be hard, as doing the duet with Alfie has proved to be impossible.

Sloane finds Amy texting LaTroy in Java Junction. Sloane tells Amy that she is ready to be best friends with LaTroy again, but that she is unsure of how he feels. Amy urges Sloane to just text LaTroy. Sloane and LaTroy exchange texts, although it is not enough for Sloane, who wishes to have an open conversation with him like he has with Amy. Amy tells Sloane to meet her back there after her trio rehearsal, as she has an idea. In another part of Java Junction, Riley and Emily converse. Emily tells Riley to break up with James, as it is unfair to both herself and him to keep him hanging in limbo. Riley does not know whether or not she should follow through with the request.

Emily watches Amanda and Noah confusedly in Java Junction, as she did not expect such a relationship to take form. Despite her questions for the odd couple, Emily directs her questions to Noah in regards to his readiness for his routines. Noah tells Emily that she only thinks that he can't handle the dances because, in her mind, he is still a shrimpy J-Trouper, but Emily asserts that the whole world thinks that, proven by the opinion of a random customer. Amanda finds the scenario humorous, much to Noah's chagrin. Noah assures Emily that she has nothing to worry about. Emily leaves to tend to the qualifier duet.

Michelle riley season 4 kp

Michelle reveals that she called Emily in.

Michelle reveals to Riley that she called Emily in to help around the studio, making Riley realize that her drama with James is really affecting the studio. Meanwhile, Piper struggles to practice the qualifier duet with Alfie, despite Alfie's wish to make things right. After Piper storms out of the Rehearsal Room, Emily enters. Emily pries Alfie for information on what is wrong with the duet, and Alfie begrudgingly reveals that Piper is angry at him because of his feelings for Riley. Realizing that Piper saw Alfie and Riley kiss, Emily comes to terms with the true magnitude of the studio's problems. Alfie assures Emily that he can make the duet work. Before Emily leaves, she assures Alfie that she would do anything to protect Riley. Alfie murmurs to himself that he would do the same.

Upon Amy's request, Sloane texts LaTroy on Amy's phone, pretending to be Amy. LaTroy receives the text calling for the restoration of his friendship with Sloane and decides that he is willing to befriend Sloane again. Sloane is happy to receive a text back, stating that LaTroy feels the same. When LaTroy receives a reply, claiming the situation to be "sick," LaTroy realizes that Sloane is really texting her, not Amy.

In the Lounge, Emily asks Piper to explain what is wrong. Piper tells Emily that she saw Alfie kiss Riley and Riley ultimately break James' heart. Emily asks Piper what is wrong with the duet and, without hesitation, Piper deems Alfie as the problem. Emily assures Piper that the situation will be sorted out, leading Piper to believe that Alfie will be kicked off of the duet.

In Riley's office, Emily condemns Riley for pairing up her crush with her boyfriend's sister for the duet, then dropping a figurative atomic bomb, and still believing that the duet will work. Despite Riley's refusal, Emily assures her that they need to change the dancers in the duet. Riley realizes that she must do what is best for the team.

Riley james season 4 episode 26 3

James says goodbye to Riley.

Emily tells Piper that she is being kicked off of the duet. Piper is left furious at the decision, claiming that Emily rewarded a jerk. Emily tells Piper that while she sympathizes with her, Alfie is willing to right the duet while Piper isn't. Piper storms off, claiming the team's last chance at qualifying to Regionals has been exhausted. In Riley's office, Riley tells James that she and him are headed in different directions and that their relationship has become so complicated, that it is now a distraction. James reminds Riley that it is she who complicated their relationship and wonders if Riley wants to be with Alfie instead of him. James realizes that Riley is breaking up with him and urges her to say it, which she does. James sadly bids farewell to Riley and leaves, after which Riley breaks down into tears.


  • This is the first and only episode that does not have a dance in it.
  • Piper is no longer a part of the qualifier duet.
  • James and Riley are no longer a couple.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Radiohead.




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