West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 1

My name is Kate and I became the owner of The Next Step Dance Studio because my mom was the previous owner. I mean, I grew up at the studio, it's my one true passion.

— "Get the Party Started"

It takes blood, sweat, and tears to win Regionals.

— "Get the Party Started"

Let's do this!

— to the new A-Troupe, "Everybody Dance Now"

You might as well put a dagger in my heart and twist it.

— "Brand New"

I know that you've worked hard for so long, but everybody needs you to contribute and to be a part of the team and to guide them.

— to Emily , "Help"

I injured myself really badly before a big competition. Lost my spot in the line, lost my captaincy. Everything I had known just pulled out from under my feet.

— to Emily , "Help"

We're only as strong as our weakest member, so, everybody work hard no matter where you are.

— to A-Troupe , "Help"

Your team needs you.

— to Stephanie, "Can't Fight This Feeling"

Season 2

And last, but definitely not least... Amanda.

— to the auditoners, "The Final Cut"

So, basically, Margie's running the class.

— to Chloe, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

We already have [the best soloist for Nationals].

— to Daniel, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"

I have had enough of the chicken and the fox and the grain!

— "Lost"

He's choreographed for so many stars, all over the world, on T.V. shows. He's just... a guy who knows everything about hip-hop.

— "Run This Town"

She can't dance. Which means we don't have a full team.

— to Sandra, "Rewind"

Season 3

Are you saying you think you're as good a dancer as Eldon?

— to Noah, "Cry Me a River"

You cannot be here. You need to leave right now!

— to Lucien, "How It Ends"

This is ridiculous! He owned The Next Step Studio, he can't be a judge!

— to an Internationals delegate, "How It Ends"

Good. Wait, can I be there [when Lucien is removed]?

— to an Internationals delegate, "How It Ends"

Are you ready?

— to James and Riley, "How It Ends"

I know that there's a few of them that won't be coming back next year. So, it's really nice to see them all dance together one last time.

— "How It Ends"

There's something so special about James and Riley. And when they dance together? It's just magic.

— "How It Ends"

Season 4

There is no one else out there like you.

— to West , "One More Time"

Anybody who's not here in time is out of luck.

— "Stir It Up"

Daniel helped The Next Step win Internationals. In the end, he proved his heart was in the right place.

— "Stir It Up"

I'm sorry, but your audition was this morning and you missed it. So, no.

— to Amanda , "Stir It Up"

Let's do this!

— to the new A-Troupe, "Welcome to the Jungle"

The Off Season

What's happening is, I am expanding studio, and building a new studio for A-Troupe in the east building.

— to Emily, "Ms. Kate's New Studio"

I think the dancers are going to be very surprised. But... it's what needs to be done for the studio.

— "Ms. Kate's New Studio"

I just thought that maybe you were ready to move on.

— to Michelle, "Michelle's Return"

Season 5

Kate: Richelle's in the hospital.
Michelle: Wait... What Why?
Emily: What?
Kate: I think you both know exactly why... I can't have two studio heads who don't put the safety of their dancers above everything else.

— "Pointe of No Return"

We need to discuss the future of The Next Step.

— to Michelle and Emily, "Pointe of No Return"