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You can't out-Kenzie Kenzie!

— Kenzie, "Wink It Out"

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Kenzie is an acro and hip-hop[2] dancer on A-Troupe.


Before the show

Kenzie started dancing because she was told that it would help her with cheerleading.[4]

Season 5

Kenzie's former studio sends in a qualifier video for Regionals, and does not qualify, causing Kenzie to leave with Miss Angela.[5][6]

The Off Season: Season 2

Kenzie auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about one of her defining strengths: being both great and confident.[7]

Season 6

Kenzie is introduced to A-Troupe, alongside SummerFinn and Lily. Miss Angela informs A-Troupe that Kenzie and Finn are "great for pop and sizzle", and asks Kenzie to demonstrate the "correct" way to do acro after criticising Henry's. Later, Kenzie overhears Noah, Amy, Jacquie and Henry talking about how much they dislike Miss Angela; though they believe she is offended when they see her, she reveals that she doesn't like Miss Angela either. Happy to be on the same page as the rest of A-Troupe, Kenzie joins them in trying to get Miss Angela fired.

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The Off Season: Season 3

Kenzie dances in Studio A with the rest of A-Troupe, and says she is excited for Nationals.[8]

Season 7

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Kenzie has a smart mouth, and is very confident, sometimes verging on being full of herself. However, Kenzie claims to always try and see the good in people,[9] and is also very helpful to people whom she cares about; she notably helps Davis become more "beastly" instead of "beauty" despite competing for the same spot in the Regionals hip-hop routine, something that Jacquie refused to do for her sister.[6]

Despite this, Kenzie is also prone to holding grudges. She blames Jacquie for helping Davis leave The Next Step and continues to pick fights with her despite the latter attempting to make up with her.[4]

Physical appearance


Kenzie has dark skin and dark brown eyes. She has black hair, which is long and braided in Season 6,[7] and shoulder-length and curly in Season 7.[8]


When dancing, Kenzie usually wears a tank top accompanied with black leggings. In Season 6, she often wears shades of purple and dark blue; in Season 7, she starts wearing yellow.[8]




  • French: Kenzie is proficient in French. She and Davis teach Kingston French, and successfully help him improve in the language.[1]



  • Boxing: Kenzie regularly goes boxing with her father.[6]


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The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6

The Off Season: Season 3

Season 7



Group Dances

Group dances


  • Kenzie's locker in the locker room is number 4.[6]
  • Kenzie's father used to own a diner.[1]
  • Kenzie can speak French.[1]


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