Kevin is a hip-hop dancer who is a former member of B-Troupe.


Season 5

Kevin turns up to A-Troupe auditions, but, being a hip-hop dancer with lacking technique, is cut immediately and sent to B-Troupe by Emily, much to his unhappiness.[1] Despite being offered a chance to compete at Regionals by joining Michelle's troupe, Kevin remains a member of B-Troupe.[2]


Kevin appears to be a friendly and supporting individual.

Physical appearance


Kevin is considerably short. He has light brown skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. His black hair is very short and curly.


Kevin's only dance outfit consists of a burgundy long-sleeved shirt and black-grey shorts. In terms of his casual attire, Kevin tends to sport outfits consisting of t-shirts and jeans. His casual wear incorporates a lot of blues and blacks.


The Off Season

Season 5


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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