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Kingston Edgar[5] is a vlogger on YouTube who becomes a member of A-Troupe.


Before the show

Kingston learned how to dance from online videos. He eventually became a well-known YouTube star.

Season 5

Kingston arrives at The Next Step Dance Studio upon West's invitation to join TNS West.[6] Despite the positive affirmation from his peers, Kingston finds himself struggling with choreography, which causes Michelle to take him out of the troupe. Saddened, but not discouraged, Kingston joins Baby Ballet in order to get needed technical training. This willingness to improve is what causes him to be let back into the troupe.[7]

Kingston is disappointed when TNS West loses the dance battle to TNS East.[8] Although, he sees a glimmer of hope when he and Ozzy discover that Elliot is a professional dancer, meaning that he cannot compete at Regionals.[9] He is shocked at the teams' subsequent fighting and even more so when the entire studio is taken out from the bid for Regionals as a result.[10]

Kingston is receptive to the idea of a merge between the teams and seeks help from Lola to improve his dancing in order to survive it. While initially discouraged by how much he is struggling, he eventually improves.[11] He is ecstatic when the merge is successful and the team is put back into the bid for Regionals.[12]

Kingston is in disbelief when he discovers that Ozzy booked their venue for filming for the wrong day, but takes it onto himself to help him find a venue for the video.[13] Kingston is ecstatic when the team qualifies for Regionals.[14]

The Off Season: Season 2

Kingston auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about 'determination'.[15]

Season 6

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Kingston is an excitable and eager individual who cares profoundly about bringing the flash when he dances.

Kingston is a hardworking individual who never gives up, even if he doesn't succeed at first. However, he is also selfish, as shown when he chooses to prioritise dance over his schoolwork despite his failing grades also affecting A-Troupe.[15]

Physical appearance


Kingston has medium brown skin and dark brown eyes. He has curly, black hair.


Kingston wears silver studs. His outfits are very casual, consisting of a t-shirt and sweatpants with the occasional sweater. The colour schemes of his outfits are neutral; with black sweatpants, he wears solid red, blue, black, or white tops.



Kingston is the only dancer whose dominant style was not initially made explicitly clear. He has been referred to as an "Internet dancer."[7] Eventually, Kingston is finally referred to as a hip-hop dancer.[15]

  • Acro: Kingston is proficient in acro.
  • Ballet: Although it is clearly not his dominant style, Kingston is a practicing ballet dancer. He attends Baby Ballet and is a level one ballet dancer.[7] He subsequently graduates from Baby Ballet in "Wink It Out".[16]
  • Ballroom: Ballroom is not Kingston's dominant style, but he learns ballroom partnering from Lola and successfully performs a ballroom-hoverboard duet with her in preparation for the A-Troupe merge.[11]
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is not Kingston's dominant style and in an attempt to show off the contemporary partnering that he has learned, he accidentally causes Piper to slip and fall, spraining her ankle.[17] However, he later improves in this style, and is chosen to perform in the contemporary routine at Regionals.[18]
  • Hip-hop: Despite being proficient in hip-hop, Kingston struggles to pick up hip-hop choreography and gets kicked off of TNS West for this reason.[7] However, it does appear to be one of Kingston's dominant styles. Come The Off Season: Season 2, Kingston is known as a hip-hop dancer.[15]


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