Kingston's sociable nature causes him to have a few meaningful relationships.


Kingston's mother

Kingston's mother is never seen, but she does obtain Kingston several pledges from her co-workers for the dance-a-thon, thus indicating that she is supportive of her son's dancing and his attempts to raise money for Heather so that she can dance.[1]



Kingston and Ozzy are the ones who try to help Henry get over his feelings for Jacquie. Although they sympathize with Henry for Jacquie's harsh treatment of him, both of them try to set him up with Heather, the barista at Neutral Grounds. When Noah enters to try to talk to Henry about him being with Jacquie, Kingston and Ozzy stop him from interrupting Henry's "date".[2]

Before the dance-a-thon, Kingston and Henry have a playful competition about who can dance longer; although Henry wins, neither of them holds a grudge against the other for thinking that they would win.[1]

Later when Henry and Noah get into a fight about the miscommunication about Henry and Heather dating and are no longer best friends, Henry does not get angry at Kingston and Ozzy, despite them having been the ones who misinformed Noah.[3]


Kingston first interacts with Lola when he suggests she take up hoverboarding to kick her nervous habit of biting her nails.[4] Kingston becomes friendly with Lola thereafter. He requests her help in learning partnering so that he will be ready for the upcoming merge of TNS East and TNS West. Although he initially believes that she is only showing him how bad he is and that he is the studio's worst dancer, he becomes motivated by her when she tells him that they need to practise in order to improve. As a result, he teaches her hoverboarding in exchange for her helping him to improve his ballroom dancing.[5]


Kingston and Noah do not interact much, aside from Noah teaching the Baby Ballet class that Kingston participates in, until TNS East and TNS West merge to form A-Troupe. Despite not having much interaction before the merge, Kingston is the one previous TNS West member whom Noah invites to freestyle with him and three other previous TNS East members: Jacquie, Zara and Josh, which is a testament to how much Noah likes him, considering that he did not invite Henry, who is Noah's best friend. Kingston also votes for Noah to be dance captain, despite Piper having been the dance captain of TNS West, Kingston's original team.


Ozzy is Kingston's best friend.[6]

Kingston spends a considerable about of time with Ozzy outside of the studio. It is with Ozzy that Kingston discovers the truth about Elliot's identity.[7] When Kingston discovers that Ozzy has made a mistake in booking the venue for filming of the qualifier video on the wrong day, Kingston ultimately helps him find a suitable venue, despite initially being angry in disbelief that they have nowhere to shoot the video.[8]

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West is the one who recruits Kingston for TNS West. Kingston has a good time freestyling with West, relating as two self-taught dancers. When Kingston has a hard time picking up the choreography, West personally helps him with it. When Michelle wants to remove Kingston from TNS West, West reminds her that TNS West is about including everyone; he advocates for Kingston to remain on the team. After Michelle removes Kingston from the team, Kingston joins Baby Ballet, thus proving that West was right to recruit Kingston for the team.[9]


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