West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Kissing Alfie was a huge mistake.


I'm trying to swallow my disgust for the good of the team, but I have my limits.


Amy: I know, right? So cute.
Cassie: Amy, we've been over this. He's cute. We got it. Could we please talk about something else for a change?
Amy: He's so dreamy.

Amy: He took me go-karting. It was so much fun. Although, I think he was trying to let me win, but I was trying to let him win, so we were both going really slow—
Sloane: Hey, guys. What were you guys talking about?
Cassie: Spinach. Right? We were talking about spinach.
Piper: Sp-spinach? I thought we were talking about LaTroy.

This is exactly why I can't be friends with Amy. Amy plus me, divided by LaTroy equals constant heartache.


Noah, you're so cute! No, you have the cuter nose. No, you do. Okay, I'm the one that gets to look at your face, I think I would know that you have the cuter nose.

Amanda , to Noah

Oh, Noah, you have the cutest nose I've ever—ugh! Stop.


Kiss, kiss, kiss, shnookums.

Amanda, to Noah

I'm training to be a private eye. If this dance thing doesn't work out, I've gotta have options.


I can't believe that Henry was spying on me... I wanna try!


Looks like it's just you two. Amy and Sloane. Or Slamy. Or Amone.

Riley, to Amy and Sloane

I know it's crazy, but I feel like if people see me and Alfie alone together, they'll know that we've kissed.


You look kinda sad. And mad. Kinda sad mad.

Cassie, to Piper

Amy: I know a lot about getting rid of streaks because I had a summer job at the gas station. And one of my favourite things to do was cleaning people's windshields.
Sloane: Only you would think that's fun.
Amy: And I did! It was like getting a glimpse into somebody's life. A person's car says a lot about who they are. Do they eat in their car? Do they have parking tickets? Once, I saw someone with a cotton candy air freshener and that says a lot about the person.
Sloane: What does it say?
Amy: That they're fun and they know how to live their life, obviously!

Alfie: Remember the girl I told you about?
Henry: Mhm.
Alfie: The girl who has a boyfriend?
Henry: Mhm.
Alfie: I kissed her!

Henry: That's something!
Alfie: It's not something, it's everything! It's exciting, it's confusing, it's... wonderful.

My mom told me [Piper]'s, like, super moody. Like, when she comes home, she'll go straight to her room... and she mentioned one time that she walked into the bathroom and caught her, like, crying.

James, to Riley

Seeing James is so strange. I've never felt further away from him than I do now.


I might be the worst person in the entire world.


Secrets are power and you have to learn how to wield that power. One day, you'll be able to hear secrets like this one, but not just yet.

Henry, to Amanda

Amy: I know you like me Sloane, I see you smiling.
Sloane: Yeah, you're pretty irresistible.
Amy: Look, we're talking. That's the first step. And tomorrow, we could be hanging out. Okay? And I'd really like that.
Sloane: I'd like that too.

Amy: Wanna grab a juice?
Sloane: Nope... I wanna grab two juices.

The time has come to get everything out in the open. For better or for worse.


Piper: I saw what you did.
Riley: What are you talking about?
Piper: I saw you kiss Alfie.