West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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If someone says something bad about me I don't know what I'm gonna do. I don't like negative energy.


I can't wait to hear how impressive I am.


Richelle can get a bit... passionate when she gets upset.


Richelle is a technically skilled dancer and an asset to the team, but, sometimes she can be a challenge to work with. In my experience, Richelle has difficulty taking criticism.

Riley, reading a peer review

Richelle: Well... I am a technically strong dancer... always striving for perfection..
Riley: Right. And the second part?
Richelle: They don't know what they're talking about.

Difficult? Can't take criticism? Um... no. Nice try anonymous reviewer.


Noah: When I take you on our first real date, I don't wanna blow it; it's gotta be the most magical, perfect thing ever. So... I just thought I'd just take you on this first pre-date, and I can work out the kinks, and if I say or do anything stupid on the pre-date...
Amanda: It doesn't count!

Noah: Let's have lunch. What's your favourite food?
Amanda: Uh... sushi?
Noah: Then let's have pizza.
Amanda: I just told you my favourite food was sushi.
Noah: Yeah... so when we go on the first real date, we'll have sushi and it will be that much better.

I wanna say something, it’s just... I think I might be hypnotized.


Riley: Your peer says that you're inscrutable. So, basically, you're hard to read. What do you take from that?
Henry: Well, there's a lot to take from that.
Riley: Like what?
Henry: Well, in a way, the feedback seems kind of bad, but in another almost equal way, it seems kind of good. It's all situational, you know? Overall, it makes me want to smile. You know what I'm saying?

I can't believe he's doing this to me.


Amanda: I would like to talk about what happened last night.
Noah: Last night? What happened?
Amanda: When you met my parents for the first time.
Noah: What? I met your parents?
Amanda: Sorry. I meant to say when you pre-met my parents.
Noah: Ah... got it, right. Um... and it went...
Amanda: Not well. You didn't even compliment my mom's pierogis.
Noah: I didn't?
Amanda: She cried for hours.
Noah: She did?
Amanda: Yup.
Noah: I hate pierogis.
Amanda: Well, then I can't blame Snuffy for biting you.
Noah: Who's Snuffy?
Amanda: My cat.
Noah: She bit me?
Amanda: 'Cause she hates you.

LaTroy wasn't going to meet a girl. I know who this is really about.


Let me guess what Cassie's card says: always says exactly what's on her mind? No filter?


Riley: So, two small criticisms. One is complaining about you height but, obviously, you can't do anything about that.
Cassie: Yeah. I get that a lot.
Riley: And the other is that you tend to be a bit blunt.

If by blunt you mean constructive, then yeah, I'm blunt.


Riley did lose the qualifier. And she's always sleeping in her office. She's always bidding online, and she eats way too much candy, and—


What do you wanna do with your life after dance? Would you ever move back to Sweden? Would you ever think about getting married someday?

Noah , to Amanda

I feel like you only told A-Troupe that you like me to cover up the fact that you messed up at the qualifier and that you hurt your back. You've put me in a really weird position and I feel like you're taking advantage of my feelings for you.

Amanda, to Noah

Amanda, I've never felt this way before. You're the most amazing girl that I've ever met and I would never want you to doubt how much I care about you.

Noah , to Amanda

Sloane: She bailed on you, didn't she?
LaTroy: Yeah.
Sloane: And she keeps doing it to you, doesn't she?
LaTroy: Yep.
Sloane: And she's been doing it to you since you were five years old.

My main criticism of Amanda is that she is too beautiful. She also steals... my heart.

Riley , reading Noah's peer review

Amanda: Aw, Noah! That's so sweet.
Noah: Not too sappy?

Riley: And Noah, apparently it's too easy to get lost in your eyes.
Amanda: It is! Have you looked in them?
Noah: Listen, it's just one of my issues. I gotta work on it. You know what? I'll get sunglasses with UVA, B, and C protection.

Amanda: Well, sometimes Noah works on his music so much that he's just so amazing and I don't know how he does it.
Noah: Oh... that-that hurts. That stings... no it doesn't.

I need to open my heart to Noah.


Your dedication to the team is unparalleled. My only criticism is that you are too hard on yourself. Mistakes are our best teachers. Don't be worried about making them.

Riley , reading an anonymous peer review of her