Kylie is a former waitress at Hidalgo's.


Before the show

Kylie got a job as a waitress at Hidalgo's.

Season 3

Kylie is first seen quite close-up when Eldon rushes past her, almost knocking over her tray.[1]

Kylie is greeted by Riley and serves her.[2]


Little can be said of Kylie's personality.

Physical appearance

Kylie is tall and slim, and has dark brown hair, with the ends of her hair blonde. She has fair skin and her eyes are brown.

Kylie has only appeared while working in Hidalgo's, and therefore wears her uniform during all of her appearances; she sports a grey top with blue denim jeans, with a dark grey apron tied around her waist.



Main article: Riley

Kylie and Riley are at least acquaintances, presumed from them greeting each other.[2]



  • She is the only employee at Hidalgo's who has been referred to.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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