La Ballet de la Reine (translated from French to English as The Ballet of the Queen) is a prestigious touring ballet company.


La Ballet de la Reine is first introduced in "The Nutcracker Prince" when West and Chloe audition for its production of The Nutcracker. West does not make it into the production, although Chloe does.[1]

After realizing that touring with the company will take place during Absolute Dance Internationals, Chloe must decide between performing at a world-class event or touring with a prestigious company. With encouragement from Margie and West, Chloe eventually chooses the latter.[2]


The company is described as prestigious. The studio is in a large sepia-coloured building, the same premises that an unnamed world touring dance company is housed in. The interior of the studio itself is pristine; the walls (decorated with posters from various ballet productions) are a solid grey and the floor is a light brown. Ballet barres are within the studio as well.



Known Members


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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