Dancers from all over audition, but only one gets picked to study with Stacy in L.A..


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"Let the Auditions Begin" is the 1st episode of The Off Season: Season 2.


"Dancers, including those from The Next Step, begin auditioning for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship."[1]


Amy confesses that that day is the day of the auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and that most of A-Troupe is excited to be auditioning despite being in different groups. Noah confesses that dancers from all over audition but that only one gets picked to study with Stacy in L.A.. Henry and Jacquie discuss how amazing it is that they get to actually see Stacy in real life, when they are interrupted by a boy who claims to have met Stacy the previous year at an acro workshop, stating that Stacy is really nice. Ozzy notices "The Fixer" who has a reputation almost as reputable as Stacy Carpenter's. Kingston asks Ozzy who she is and Ozzy informs him that "The Fixer" is Miss Angela who has won 8 Regionals, 4 Nationals and 2 Internationals, to which Kingston is surprised. Miss Angela informs one of the auditionees that she is the best one there and to "sparkle" inside, when she is interrupted by Stacy Carpenter, who reminds her of the rules. After this, Stacy greets the auditionees and informs them of what she is looking for in the dancers: technique, flash and most importantly, a story. Ozzy confesses that this is the most important audition of his life. Piper confesses that she is very nervous, while Henry confesses that he can't wait to set the dance floor on fire and how confident he is that the Scholarship is his. Amy confesses that she is ready to shine. Jacquie confesses that it doesn't matter who she is competing against but that she is going to win. Noah confesses that if he got the Scholarship in L.A., it could mean the start of bigger and better things. Kingston confesses that if he wins this Scholarship, it will change his life. Stacy Carpenter asks them if they are ready to start, to which the dancers affirm.





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