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I've done everything I can show everyone this is where I belong. Now my fate is in their hands.

— Lily, "The Comeback Kid"

Lily is a jazz and acro dancer on A-Troupe.[1] She is the former dance captain of Encore Dance Studios.[3][2]


The Off Season: Season 2

Lily auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and supposedly dances about 'humility'.[4]

Season 6

Lily arrives at The Next Step with Miss Angela, Kenzie, Finn and Summer. Unlike Kenzie, Finn and Summer, who do not like Miss Angela, Lily obviously likes her and is her favourite. Having danced with all three of them before, they know that Lily is Miss Angela's daughter, something that brings the rest of A-Troupe to distrust her.[5]

Lily makes it clear that she wants to be dance captain, but the rest of A-Troupe and even her mother resist handing her the dance captaincy. In a bargain with Summer to try and keep Piper's spot on A-Troupe, Noah cedes the captaincy to Lily. Lily proceeds to betray the team and gives Piper's spot on A-Troupe to Winnie.[1]

When Richelle returns to A-Troupe, Lily genuinely befriends her and makes her her assistant dance captain. She trusts Richelle so much that she even tells her about Miss Angela's plan to take over The Next Step.[3] However, this trust turns into anger and betrayal when Lily finds out that Richelle has told the rest of A-Troupe and they have used it to create a plan to take down Miss Angela.[6]

When Lily and her mother get kicked of the studio, they go to Encore Dance Studios. Eventually, Miss Angela gains co-ownership of Encore and renames it "Miss Angela's Encore Dance Studio".[7]

Lily competes against Summer and Amy in the Absolute Dance WildStylz Convention, representing Encore. She performs an exceptional, if cheesy, solo to "Billionaire Vagabond", and ultimately wins the five-point advantage for Regionals.[8]

At Regionals, Lily competes with Encore, and helps get them to the finals. She is overjoyed when Encoreare declared the Regional champions; however, a Regionals judge discovers that Ms Angela copied their finals choreography and song from a video. When Miss Angela tries to bribe him, Lily stops her, horrified that her mother is attempting to cheat.[9] She proceeds to tell the judges, resulting in Encore's disqualification and a slight reconciliation with Richelle, who admits that Lily is not the kind of person she thought she was.[10]

The Off Season: Season 3

Lily finds Kingston in The Next Steep and attempts to befriend him; unfortunately, this only makes Kingston think that she is planning something.[11]

Season 7

Lily returns to The Next Step, and asks Emily and Michelle if she can audition for A-Troupe, which Emily allows. After she auditions, A-Troupe discusses whether or not they should allow her to come back. As Ozzy has performed a duet with Lily before,[12] they enlist him to do another one in order to get concrete proof of whether she genuinely wants to come back or not. Ozzy tries to implement various things that the "old Lily" would do, but she rejects all of them. Ozzy confesses he thinks that Lily may really have changed.

Later, in The Next Steep, most of A-Troupe talks about how Lily could be a spy for Miss Angela, but Lily overhears them, making her regret coming back to The Next Step. A-Troupe realizes that by speculating about Lily being a bad person, they were being bad people themselves. Meanwhile, Richelle and Kenzie discover that Miss Angela sent Lily to The Next Step because she genuinely wanted to return, and pass this information on to the rest of A-Troupe. A-Troupe makes a dance to apologize to Lily, making her realize that they want her to be on A-Troupe.[13]

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Once gaining everyone’s trust,Lily is chosen to be in the nationals small group as well as the nationals duet,alongside Kingston,which leads to a lot of arguing. Eventually,they get over it and start dating.


Lily initially appears to be full of herself. However, it is later shown that she acts that way because it is how her mother wants her to.

However, she has a softer side, as shown when she expresses her worries to her mother about A-Troupe not liking her and genuinely attempts to befriend Richelle.[1][3] Despite her determination to win competitions, Lily is adamant about honestly winning; she is the one who informs the judge about her mother attempting to cheat to win Regionals.[10]

Physical appearance


Lily has tan skin, brown eyes and dark-brown wavy hair.


When dancing, Lily initally wears a black floral-print tank top with a black skort. After rejoining The Next Step, she usually wears a pale blue tank top with leggings.



  • Acro: Acro is one of Lily's dominant styles. She is extremely skilled at tumbling.[2]
  • Contemporary: Lily is proficient at contemporary. She performs a featured role in the Regionals finals routine and helps her team win prior to their disqualification, beating both The Next Step and AcroNation.[10]
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is not one of Lily's best styles. Noah is surprised when she attends Dytto's workshop, claiming that he didn't think she would be interested in tutting.[14] Although Lily is featured in Encore's hip-hop routine at Regionals, the dance only scores 83 points.[2]
  • Jazz: Jazz is Lily's dominant style of dance, at which she is proficient.


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The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6

The Off Season: Season 3

Season 7



Group dances

Group Dances


  • When asked what surname she would give Lily, Katie Ortencio once joked that she would pick "Shorty", so her character could be known as "Lil' Shorty". Lily is still jokingly referred to as "Lily Shorty" by some viewers of the show.[15]
  • Lily doesn't like pepperoni.[16]


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