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I don't mean to brag, but people are drawn to me.

— Lily, "Grave New World"

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Lily is a jazz dancer and a former member of A-Troupe.[2] She is the dance captain of Encore Dance Studios.[3]


The Off Season: Season 2

Lily auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and supposedly dances about 'humility'.[4]

Season 6

Lily arrives at The Next Step with Miss Angela, Kenzie, Finn and Summer. The dancers notice Lily is clearly Angela's favourite, before finding out she is her daughter. When the dancers perform their strengths, Lily is asked to perform a solo. Amy describes it to be the 'cheese factor'. She is asked to show Piper a high kick. Upon this, Piper expresses her feelings about Angela's teaching methods towards her, and whilst doing this, says that Lily is only an 'OK' dancer. Angela gets angry, knowing that Lily is her daughter.

As Piper gets kicked of A-Troupe, Summer and Noah make Lily promise that if Noah makes her dance captain, she will get Piper back on A-Troupe. Lily turns into the new dance captain, but instead of letting Piper back, she makes Winnie the new member of A-Troupe.

When Lily and her mother get kicked of the studio, they go to Encore Dance Studios, now called Miss Angela's Encore Dance Studios.

Lily is paired against Summer and Amy in the Absolute Dance WildStylz Convention, representing Encore. She performs an exceptional solo to "Billionaire Vagabond", and ultimately wins the five-point advantage for Regionals.

At Regionals, Lily competes with Encore, getting to the finals and winning. However, a Regionals judge discovered that Miss Angela copied their finals choreo and song from a video, disqualifing Encore from Regionals. Lily gets angry with her mother, knowing that it was the wrong thing to do.


Lily appears to be full of herself.

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Physical appearance


Lily has tan skin and brown eyes. Her hair is wavy, long and dark brown.


When dancing, Lily wears a black floral-print tank top with a black skort.



  • Acro: Lily is proficient at acro. She can tumble.
  • Contemporary: Lily is proficient at contemporary. She performs a featured role in the Regionals finals routine and helps her team win, beating both The Next Step and AcroNation.[5]
  • Hip-hop: Hip-hop is not one of Lily's best styles. Noah declares that he doesn't think that tutting was her style and although Lily is featured in the hip-hop Regionals routine, her team only wins 83 points.[6][7]
  • Jazz: Jazz is Lily's dominant style of dance at which she is proficient.


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The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6

The Off Season: Season 3



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