The Living Arts Centre is the venue where the 17th annual Absolute Dance Nationals takes place, with coverage of the events being broadcast by the SNR Network.

According to the large information sign above the main entrance, the Nationals competition is held from Wednesday to Sunday, although in what month and on what numbered dates remains unknown.


During its period as the Nationals venue, the Living Arts Centre is also the scene of a scavenger hunt, a quest in which three members from each studio complete a series of tasks with the ultimate goal being that of attending a Shawn Desman concert.[1]

The Next Step Dance Studio is allocated Dressing Room 4 during their time at Nationals, which is also where Emily rests her injured knee and is seen by the physiotherapist.[2]

Hunter and Eldon get lost in the building while looking for the physiotherapist to meet with Emily, unaware that he had actually already arrived (Miss Kate having got fed up of waiting for the boys and located the physiotherapist herself), and don't realize that the Small Group Awards are being handed out (the presentation cannot start until everyone in the respective groups are there). After opening a pair of double doors and finding themselves outside at the rear of the venue, Hunter and Eldon decide to try another door where, thankfully, they discover they are backstage and the Small Group Awards can finally be presented.[2]


The Living Arts Centre is a large building, that is not fully seen on-screen. It is labelled via a red outlined sign with a logo in white on a dark blue background that states the building's name, alongside which appears an information sign giving details of the event taking place there at the time — in this case, the Nationals competition.


  • Although identified as the Living Arts Centre in establishing shots, the venue's name is never used in the on-screen dialogue.
  • This venue exists in real life, and was not created solely for the show; it is located in Mississauga, Canada.


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