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Many dancers say goodbye and miss Kate is on the Hunt for a new studio head.


All that remains of a troupe walk into studio a Jacquie explains that everyone is glad Zara got kicked off the team for not being commited. Noah explains that everyone is upset because Richelle is in hospital and won't be back for the auditions. Heather explains that Lola left from guilt of breaking Richelle's pointe shoe. Piper explains that Amy's mum pulled her from the studio Henry explains that Josh was offered a position at rythm plus. But Piper was the only person not to be told.

Miss Kate runs into shakes and ladders and runs up to Patricia, William then Thalia & Giselle and asks them about if they would be interested in being studio head. All of them except Giselle respond with a yes.

Lily enters studio A and asks everybody who they are, Ozzy replies first and she challenges him to a dance battle challenges him for a dance battle and he accepts.


Richelle, Amy, Lola, Josh and Zara are not in A troupe any more

Richelle is hospitalised

Patricia, Thalia & William are interested in being studio head