Lola didn't have any friends at Encore Dance Studios, but has cultivated relationships at The Next Step Dance Studio.



Lola and Heather are not close, due to them initially being on rival troupes. However, Lola deems Heather the most "level-headed person" on A-Troupe, which results in Lola confiding in Heather about Richelle's injury without revealing Richelle's name. Heather implores Lola to do the right thing, which is to tell Michelle and Emily. Although Lola does not agree or disagree to do as Heather says, Heather nonetheless runs off to tell Michelle, erroneously believing that Lola is injured. Although Lola is effectively removed from all dances, including the Regionals  qualifier video and Michelle tells her that Heather was the one to inform her that Lola was injured, Lola does not get angry at Heather; instead, she gets angry at Richelle who refuses to confess that she is actually the injured one.[1]


Lola's first meaningful interaction with Jacquie happens after Richelle expresses concern about Jacquie's apparent distraction during A-Troupe rehearsal. Lola helps her with the choreography that she is struggling with, feeling bad that Jacquie has been made to feel irresponsible due to her relationship with Noah.[2]

Lola is very complimentary of Jacquie's dancing. When Lola finds out that she does not actually have the solo and that it is meant for Jacquie, she is embarrassed rather than angry at Jacquie. She is appreciative of Jacquie comforting her and decides she will try as hard as her in order to get the next solo.[3]


Lola first interacts with Kingston when he suggests she take up hoverboarding to kick her nervous habit of biting her nails.[4] Lola becomes friendly with Kingston thereafter. She motivates and helps Kingston to improve his ballroom dancing, learning to hoverboard in return.[5]


Lola is very congratulatory of Richelle when she becomes dance captain. She is confused when nobody celebrates with Richelle about the new title, and sees Richelle as very similar to her while she was at her old studio. Lola pursues a friendship with Richelle, which eventually begins.[6]

Lola's friendship with Richelle goes swimmingly for a time, until Richelle erroneously and angrily accuses her of sabotaging her campaign for dance captaincy.[7] Although Lola ultimately forgives Richelle, she confesses that Richelle's outburst displayed a side of her that she did not wish to see.[8]

Lola's friendship with Richelle only worsens. Shortly after seeing Richelle's sour nature again after she steals Zara and Jacquie's concept for a dance, Lola begrudgingly accepts Richelle's order of keeping her injury a secret, despite its danger.[9] Lola is conflicted as to whether or not to keep the secret and, in keeping Richelle's lie, almost gets taken off of the team herself. Lola comes to realize how selfish Richelle is being and, knowing that nothing will stop Richelle from dancing, breaks the shank of one of her pointe shoes.[1] Lola eventually comes clean to this transgression, although this ends her friendship with Richelle.[10]



Although Lola and Zara are both initially on TNS East, they do not interact much until after the merge. When Richelle steals Zara and Jacquie's idea for the qualifier video, Lola is shocked, but remains on Richelle's side. This is further exemplified when Richelle gained her pointe solo in favour of Zara's hip-hop solo; Lola agrees, albeit reluctantly, that it is now Richelle's solo.[9]

However, despite having gone along with the majority of Richelle's plans and having Zara being angry and disappointed at Richelle's behaviour (and likely at Lola's loyal support), Lola recognizes that Zara cannot take the blame for Lola having broken the shank of one of Richelle's pointe shoes nor can she allow Zara to be kicked out of the studio for Lola's transgression. As a result, Lola confesses the truth to Richelle, thus allowing Zara to remain at the studio, at the expense of her friendship with Richelle.[10]


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