West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Noah alfie ytigc "An unfinished conversation deserves to be finished."

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You don't know what the quantum theory is, do you?

West, to James

This has been the most mysterious Tuesday I've ever had.


I gotta vamoose!

Amanda, to Noah

Eldon, do you have any serving experience?

Patricia, to Eldon

You have been invited to compete... in England!

The Masked Man, to West

Look out London, here we come!


You cannot give up, because I can almost guarantee that this will happen to you again and again and again, as long as you're here at The Next Step, and in life. If you keep fighting and trying and giving it your all, you will be successful.

Michelle, to Sloane

It was my worst fear come true. I wasn't good enough and everyone saw it.