I have had enough of the chicken and the fox and the grain!


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"Lost" is the 22nd episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 52nd episode overall. It aired on October 10, 2014.


James turns to the boys for help to solve a riddle for Riley, and the costumes for Nationals go missing.


Thalia eldon west season 2

(l-r) Thalia, Eldon, and West watch the Capoeira dancers perform.

Kate brings in a Capoeira dance troupe to dance for A-Troupe. During the routine, Amanda tells Emily that she now trusts her and volunteers her to help her steal the costumes.

Riley gives James an envelope to complete #8 on her list: a mystery quest. Riley tells him he'll need help because the task involves math. Naturally, he seeks the assistance of Hunter, West, and Eldon. He opens the envelope, revealing a riddle: a chicken, a sack of grain and a fox need to get across a river in a small boat, in which the farmer can only carry one item at a time. The fox can't be left with the chicken because it will eat it, while the chicken can't be left with the sack of grain for the same reason.

Amanda and Emily go to Kate's office to get hold of the key for the costume closet so they can steal the costumes for Nationals, although Phoebe is doing some paperwork there when the girls arrive. Amanda distracts Phoebe (by asking her to demonstrate a yoga move known as "Child's Pose"), giving Emily the opportunity to take the key off the desk. In Studio A, James, Hunter, Eldon, and West are struggling to solve the riddle, with each of them wearing name tags reading "Boat Man", "Fox", "Chicken" and "Sack of Grain" respectively, in order to act it out.

Amanda and Emily steal the costumes and Amanda suggests shredding them. Since Emily can't let that happen, she suggests throwing them in the garbage. Amanda hesitantly agrees and they put them there. James, West, Hunter, and Eldon are still trying to work out the riddle, although now in the music room because Kate kicked them out of Studio A.

Eldon suggests doing the riddle city-styled, with a raccoon, money and a sandwich becoming the new objects. However, they still don't come any closer to solving the riddle. Kate comes in and, before she enters the costume closet to check on the costumes, announces to the boys that she has had just about had enough of chickens, foxes and sacks of grain! Kate realizes that the costumes are missing and tells the rest of A-Troupe what has happened, so they split up to find them. Emily is told by Amanda to guard the foyer leading to where the garbage is so that nobody finds them.

As Emily does so, she sees West sniffing the ground and crawling. She asks him what he is doing and he says he is "embracing [his] inner raccoon." Emily tells West if he really wants to be a real raccoon, he should go look in the garbage. He leaves to do so.

It seems as though all hope is lost when A-Troupe regroups until West arrives with the recovered costumes. Kate is really pleased, and says she'll be taking the costumes home with her for safekeeping until Nationals. However, Amanda gets suspicious as to how West knew where to find them.

James brings Riley to the music room, as he wants to show her that he has finally solved the riddle. Eldon and Hunter resume their respective roles as the chicken and the fox, but, because West is off being a raccoon somewhere and is unable to make it, Riley finds herself cast as the sack of grain. James then proceeds to show Riley the solution: the farmer rows the chicken across the river first, leaving the fox with the sack of grain. Leaving the chicken on the other side, he goes back and collects the sack of grain. He then takes the chicken back, and rows the fox across. Leaving the fox with the sack of grain as before, he goes back and collects the chicken. All three items are now safely on the other side. Having successfully completed #8 on Riley's list, James invites her to jump in the imaginary boat with him and they proceed to row their way out of the music room together. Eldon and Hunter are left alone together, and Eldon wonders what to do next, as they are now stuck on the other side of the imaginary river. Hunter, who is still in character as the fox, announces that Eldon need not worry about that as he is "hungry". Eldon runs out of the room, with Hunter in hot pursuit.


  • If you arrive at Nationals without costumes, you immediately have points deducted.
  • James has completed task #8 on Riley's list, which is to solve a math-based riddle.



Cultural references

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Michael Bublé.




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